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Quick and cheap fix for SRX headlight moisture

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    This fix was from my friend IvanJ.
    *** For any one that wants to know how to fix thE SRX headlight moisture cheap:

    I just took the caps/cover (round caps used to access changing the bulb) off the back of the headlight assembly and keep them off, unless there is a lot of flooding on the streets from rain then I put them back on temporary. And there is no more condensation/ water.

    Driver side I remove the cover to fuse box to give a little extra room to get to the caps.

    The passenger side is more tricky, you have to take the cover off the air filter box (loosen the clamp to the large hose so you can take it off the filter box, and depending how good you are at it you might have to take the air filter box off, I think it’s one bolt holding it, but it’s difficult to put back, so I only take the cover off.

    You have to turn the caps (just a small twist) to get them off, take a marker or something to scratch a line on the caps and the housing so if you need to put back it’s easier to line it up.

    I also use a screwdriver when I pull it off to help keep it from slipping and falling.
    * Warning, be very careful not to let the driver side one slip, if it does it’s very, very difficult to get it. maybe stuff some rags under where you take the cap off so if it does fall you can get it easy.


    do you replace covers if you go through a car wash

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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