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Purchased Second Lyriq

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    Despite a few initial “teething” problems we liked our 2023 Lyriq and drove it almost 12,000 miles in 11 months. We did not like the gray color offered on the initial 2023 production so, three weeks ago we traded it for a much more attractive 2024 crystal white tricoat, Luxury 2 model. In addition to the color, a few improvements are evident, particularly the exterior door handles. They are a simple, non electric conventional design, and have many fewer moving parts. They will likely be trouble free.
    We believe the Infotainment System is still the same and really it is too complex. There are several shortcomings including the following:
    – It is noted the digital numbers displaying the cruise control set speed are too small, making it difficult to verify the desired set speed in certain light conditions,
    – It is also noted finding the icon and the correct menu, followed by another icon and the required sub menu in order to open our garage door is too complicated. Using an old fashioned garage door remote attached to the sun visor is much easier.
    – The Infotainment System allows radio station frequencies to be stored, however; selecting and tuning a new radio station is too complicated and should not be attempted while driving.
    Perhaps the noted shortcomings and perhaps others will be resolved with software modifications.


    Agree on all points. I also don’t like the buttons for adaptive cruise. Can’t tell if they accepted the push. So you end up punching multiple times. Definitely agree the digital numbers on the cruise are difficult to see. And like you I have not set up the garage door opener and just use the remote clipped to the sun visor.

    After reading that Mitch McConnell’s sister in-law drowned when she accidentally put her Tesla X in reverse and backed into her pond the government may have to start requiring car companies to install easier controls. A competent driver should be able to get in any vehicle and be able to drive it without studying a 100 plus page owner’s manual. Not a fan of so many functions on touchscreens that require multiple taps before they work. I like to touch a button once and it works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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