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Puddle lights not working

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    Chuck B.

    My 2020 XT5 Premium Luxury puddle lights do not work when I open the doors. I have checked and there is a lens in place. I have checked the cars menu system and I do not see any control setting for this lighting to turn on or off. On this forum I found that they should be functional, is there a quick fix to this or does it have to be repaired by the Dealer? Also, I do not have any approach lights other than the rear lift gate logo. Should they be a factory installed item?

    The complete availability of the Cadillac light-up logo feature is listed in the following table.

    Cadillac Branded Projection Light Availability – 2020 Model Year
    XT4 Standard on Premium Luxury and Sport
    XT5 Standard on Premium Luxury and Sport
    XT6 Standard on all models
    Escalade Standard on all models
    CT4 Not Available
    CT5 Optional with package on Premium Luxury, Sport, V
    CT6 Standard on Premium Luxury, Platinum, V

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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