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Charger adapter for the Lyric

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    Is there a third party charger adapter for the Lyric so you can use for Tesla chargers without voiding warranty?


    I hope they come up with one soon. It is a real nail biter driving from Houston to Corpus Christi, Texas. Thank God for that Cadillac dealership and Mr. Benavides who gracious let us use their charger so we could get around town during our stay and juice up so we could get back to a charging station near Houston without having to go a long ways out of our way to charge up. We left with 95% and will land in Houston with 8% let. Meanwhile the Buc-ee’s I Wharton had 8 Tesla superchargers sitting empty. Pease get the adapter soon. There are some charging deserts in them streets.


    I noticed some on Amazon, read articles that they are out there now. Little skeptical


    Amazon NACS (Tesla) to J1772 adapters I’ve seen support Level 2 charging up to 48 amps, but not Level 3 DC fast-charge.
    I don’t think Tesla has flipped the switch yet to allow non-Teslas to charge at Superchargers anyway.
    So you can still stop at Buc-ees for restrooms, coffee and a brisket sandwich, but it will still be a while before you can plug in your Lyriq between Model S’s at their Supercharger.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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