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Cadillac ‘Expressive Coupe’ Study Revealed As CT5, CT6 Design Inspiration

Cadillac ‘Expressive Coupe’ Study Revealed As CT5, CT6 Design Inspiration

Long before a vehicle reaches the assembly line, designers head to the drawing board to create designs, sketches, and renderings that inspire future production models. The Cadillac Expressive Coupe is one of these design studies that never made it to production, but it’s easy to see how it influenced the design of real-life models that are offered by the luxury marque today – particularly the Cadillac CT5 and (likely the second-generation) Cadillac CT6.

Cadillac Expressive Coupe design study

Second-generation CT6

2020-2024 Cadillac CT5

Refreshed 2025 Cadillac CT5

The Cadillac Expressive Coupe is a design study that was “created as an internal exploration of Cadillac aesthetics,” according to a post from GM Design on social media. According to the post, the study served as a muse for the CT5 and CT5-V Blackwing, inspiring the luxury sedan’s horizontally oriented lighting elements running beneath the seam of the hood. On real-life models, these lighting strips house the turn signals and emergency flashers, while the headlights are positioned beneath them.

And though GM Design’s post doesn’t specifically mention the second-gen CT6 as being influenced by the Express Coupe study, we’d opine that it heavily impacted it, too.

In the case of the pre-refreshed CT5, the headlights are arranged horizontally, while the refreshed 2025 Cadillac CT5 gains stacked vertical headlights that are not reflected on the design study. In addition, the design study splits the vertical Daytime Running Light (DRL) signature into two parts, like on the pre-refreshed CT5, while the refreshed model adopts the uninterrupted design signature. The influence of the design study on the second-generation CT6 is noteworthy, with all elements lining up nearly perfectly, including the familiar five-point grille and triangular trim elements on either side of the front fascia.

A look at the rear end of the Cadillac Expressive Coupe reveals L-shaped taillights, which have become a staple of the luxury marque’s sedan design language.

Of course, there is one glaring difference between the Expressive Coupe study and the CT5 and CT6: the latter are four-door sedans, not sleek two-door coupes like the concept vehicle.

In fact, Cadillac Society was the first to report that the luxury marque had filed a design patent for a potential two-door CT5 coupe way back in 2018. This patent appears to either be the Cadillac Expressive Coupe or be heavily inspired by it.

While the coupe version never made it to production, it’s a good look at what could have been had Cadillac brought a coupe to market.

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  1. I would LOVE a coupe like this!

  2. I dig it as long as it has the Vroom and no vreem. Now let’s do a 3 door wagon version.

  3. This is a great product and one for enthusiast. That’s why GM didn’t built it. If it has been a boring SUV, it would have gone to production line.

  4. I hope someday Cadillac builds the ct6 two door coupe that is one beautiful car and I think it would do very well I know I’d buy one.

    • Exactly. The El Miraj would be perfect for those that can’t afford a Bentley Continental, and no longer can find an S-Class coupe.

  5. I think cadillac is a thing of the past. You have shown us many drawings that we would have purchased, but instead you don’t make them. Not everyone wants a SUV. The CT6 was a great car but now you have to go to China to buy one. It is time you make something that Americans want, the ones that made GM what it was in the past. We built you company not China. Wake up GM!!!

    • Exactly. My two last vehicles were Mercedes, one a convertible, one a coupe, all because Cadillac didn’t have anything to match them.

  6. This design is exquisite. The proportions are perfect and the eye appeal is enormous. The bright metal detail on the sail panel that is so awkward on the CT5 works delightfully here. I would buy one of these in a heartbeat.

  7. My very first Cadillac was a 1975 Coupe deville. Big beautiful, elegant! I realize the days of land yachts are over however I’m on my second CT5 and I love it! My question is where have the 2 door coupes gone? Cadillac is a luxury brand and with that being said it believe they have an obligation to their customers to provide them with a large variety of models to choose from. I think the 2 door coupe would sell very well. Either a CT5 coupe or a CT6 coupe should be put into production asap!! At the very least, Cadillac should offer the CT6 in the U.S. This is poor planning! Another thing Mary Barra needs to accept is the fact that not everyone wants an EV!! That’s why she’s stuck with a bunch of cars that she can’t sell. Most people want ICE powered automobiles! How about producing a hydrogen powered ICE? Give the consumer what they want or they will go elsewhere. Forcing EV’s on us will just make people keep their ICE automobiles longer or seek pre-owned ICE automobiles when they need to replace them! Pay Attention Ms. Barra!!

  8. This is a beautiful concept Coupe! Please build it. Competitors are offering Coupes (BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus, to name a few. When the CTS Coupe was discontinued, it was outselling the competition and the same cannot be said for Cadillac’s efforts with only Sedans. The sail panel (C-pillar) detail does look much better on the Coupe than the awkward appearance on the CT5 Sedan.


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