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U.S. Congress Demands Answers About Cadillac F1 Rejection

U.S. Congress Demands Answers About Cadillac F1 Rejection

Andretti Global has been pushing hard to make a Cadillac F1 team a reality, and though the luxury marque’s application was cleared by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), it was rejected by Formula One Management (FOM). After months of a back-and-forth battle between F1 and Andretti, the U.S. Congress has stepped in to demand answers from FOM, setting a rather threatening letter to the entity to find out just what’s going on. 

As per a report from The Detroit News, Michigan Representative John James of Shelby Township joined racing icon Mario Andretti at a news conference to warn F1 of a federal antitrust action if it doesn’t reconsider its decision to reject the Cadillac F1 entry. A bipartisan group of 12 U.S. Congress members teamed up to sign a letter to FOM, seeking answers about the rejection from F1 owner Liberty Media. 

Cadillac V-Series.R race car at Sebring

“We write to express our concerns with apparent anti-competitive actions that could prevent two American companies, Andretti Global and General Motors, from producing and competing in Formula One,” the letter states in its opening paragraph.

The letter alleges that politics are at the heart of the rejection, stemming from opposition from the existing F1 teams. These teams are backed by European manufacturers that compete directly with GM, and their displeasure with adding a new competitor is nothing new

“FOM’s rejection appears to be driven by the current lineup of European Formula One race teams, many of which are affiliated with foreign automobile manufacturers that directly compete with American auto companies like GM,” the congressional letter continues. “It is unfair and wrong to attempt to block American companies from joining Formula One, which could also violate American anti-trust laws.”

The congressional letter gives FOM until May 3rd, 2024 to issue a response.

Despite the opposition, Caddy and Andretti are confident that their joint effort will put them on the grid in 2026, and are pushing ahead with plans to compete. It’s also worth noting that GM has already been approved to become an F1 power unit manufacturer in 2028.

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  1. Congress can get a faster solution if they impose a 100% or even 200% tax on every European car brand that does participate in that race. Money does move nations!

  2. Alas, no more Cadillac coupes. I’ll keep my ATS coupe for a while longer, but then I’ll finally have to move away from Cadillac, maybe to M-B.


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