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Right-Hand-Drive Cadillac Lyriq Spearheads Caddy’s Global Push

Right-Hand-Drive Cadillac Lyriq Spearheads Caddy’s Global Push

Recently, Cadillac announced that it would return to Australia and New Zealand with the right-hand-drive (RHD) 2025 Cadillac Lyriq, opening the door for the luxury marque to expand into other RHD markets. In fact, Caddy has now announced that the RHD Lyriq will kick off a new chapter of global growth. 

“Cadillac is experiencing great sales momentum thanks to our strong product portfolio –  and we are now expanding our business globally,” said Vice President, Global Cadillac, John Roth. “The introduction of a right-hand-drive Lyriq will enable new opportunities in important markets where EV adoption is strong.”

The luxury marque revealed that it has plans to introduce the RHD Cadillac Lyriq to its lineup in Japan during the 2025 calendar year. Japan has extremely strict legislation stemming from its goals of cutting emissions to zero, making it the perfect candidate for an all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle like the Lyriq.  

After making landfall in Japan, the RHD Cadillac Lyriq could very well be introduced to other markets that utilize right-sided driving configurations, including Ireland, the U.K. and India. It’s likely that the U.K. could be Caddy’s next target, though nothing has been officially announced just yet.

The RHD Lyriq will still be produced at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee alongside the left-hand-drive (LHD) variant sold in the U.S. To make this possible, the luxury marque is implementing a production line dedicated to RHD vehicles at the facility. Once built, the RHD Lyriq will then be exported from the U.S. to global markets.

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