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Cadillac Celestiq To Finally Be Unveiled In Early 2022

Cadillac Celestiq To Finally Be Unveiled In Early 2022

Cadillac’s all-new electric sedan, the Cadillac Celestiq, will be unveiled early next year, Cadillac Society has learned.

Sources close to the matter tell us that the Celestiq is on track for an official reveal in early 2022. With that being the case, the Celestiq – which will become the marque’s flagship sedan – could very well make an appearance at the upcoming 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, which will take place from January 5th through 8th. However, it is also very possible the reveal could take place at a different time and event altogether. 

A rendering of the Cadillac Celestiq by Cadillac Society

Originally, Cadillac planned to reveal the Celestiq in April 2021, but the reveal was rescheduled for this summer. However, unforeseen circumstances related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic once again postponed the luxury sedan’s unveiling.

The Cadillac Celestiq will ride on the marque’s all-new fully-electric BEV3 vehicle platform and will be powered by the combination of an Ultium battery pack and an Ultium drive motor or motors. Based on the Cadillac Escala concept, the Celestiq will feature full-size exterior dimensions, as well as a fastback profile and a distinct front fascia similar to that of the new Cadillac Lyriq.

The Cadillac Escala Concept will strongly influence the design of the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq

The interior will feature a spacious four-seat arrangement with real wood trim and rich, ultra-fine-quality leather upholstery. Much like the Cadillac Escalade, a large screen will command most of the vehicle’s dash with additional screens for passengers.

As previously reported by Cadillac Society, the Celestiq will also feature a cutting-edge SPD-SmartGlass roof, allowing the four occupants to individually adjust the opacity of the roof exactly to their preference.

The Cadillac Celestiq will spearhead the marque’s all-electric lineup with top-notch style, luxury and technology. The Celestiq will carry a $200,000 starting price, becoming the marque’s flagship sedan. It will be hand-built, save for batteries and frame/body stampings, in metro Detroit, Michigan.

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  1. I’ll never buy an ev.

  2. I have purchased All Cadillacs (32 in total) since 1993. I live in the deep South. The closest Electric charging station is 250 miles. I drive 25000 miles a year. I won’t buy a car that relies solely on electricity due to not wanting to be stranded out of electricity. Cadillac has effectively pushed me away by going all electric.

    Goodbye Cadillac.

    • First, the infrastructure will change significantly over the next few years.

      Second, Cadillac still makes vehicles with internal combustion engines. As of this writing, every single Cadillac on sale is powered by gasoline or diesel. So has Cadillac pushed you away, or have you pushed away Cadillac?

  3. Cadillacs have pushed me away. I am 69 years old. The infrastructure growth in my area of driving in the “next few years” will not be sufficient for my needs.

    I have no problem with EV cars in the future. However, it would seem prudent that Cadillac would give its customer a blended car like a hybrid that would substantially cut emissions while not going on sole dependence of
    One energy source. This allows the infrastructure to have time to be put in place while allowing the public the ability to continue to have reliable power. The most energy (gas) is used by cars starting from standstill to 50 mph. Use electric to start momentum then have a small gas engine to provide supplemental power on demand or when more speed is required. Why would Cadillac not want to serve its customers in that fashion. It’s called adaption to the marketplace.

    By the way, if climate change is the concern, the source of electricity polluted greater than the current car usage. Secondly, if it’s the climate is your concern, go nuclear. We’ve safely used nuclear power in our military for 75 years. Small nuclear engines are readily available and yes, it’s safe.

    • More nuclear means more dangerous targets. No thanks.

  4. I have little interest in a battery powered car but if for some reason I changed my mind, both Buick and Cadillac do not have a small compact car car under $40,000 with batteries to chose from. Where is the CT4 version?

  5. They ought to trademark charge droid. Block other EV makes’ charge networks from using the name for a plug-in robot first. Consider no touch charging for the highest end EVs; maybe New Jersey will require plug-in guys:)

  6. Does anybody really think Cadillac can sell a $200,000 sedan when they couldn’t sell the CTS or the CT6, both excellent cars and both reasonably priced. GOOD LUCK with this one!!!

  7. I didn’t suggest nuclear, but only if the big concern is climate.
    I need a reliable fuel source car to for my needs. Nuclear energy for electrical power plants make the most sense vs coal or gas fired power plants from a climate concern.

    I don’t want a small car. I want a large 4 door sedan like my current CT6. The Celestiq fits perfectly if it was offered with either a hybrid or gas power. Unfortunately Cadillac has stated they will be all electric by 2030, 8 years away. I just bought my wife a XT5 to prove that I’m not pushing Cadillac away as suggested by one comment above. The CT5 is too small for my needs. Since its my money buying a car, Cadillac is forcing me to look elsewhere for my money to buy something that fits my needs. I suspect I’m not the only one being pushed away. And before anyone comments, I understand the geopolitical issues and Cadillac need to satisfy a much larger Chinese and European market than the market that made them great and who they are today. However, they could satisfy both if they wanted to do so.

    So much for loyalty.

    • As a total outsider, I’d say they decided keeping a built in US CT6 was too expensive, and exporting from China their CT6 was a PR no-go. They intended the XT’s to satisfy those that want roominess.
      As a (other brand) GM owner that has been left behind, it sucks. I usually question their product planning strategy too. What do you like and want in a sedan besides voltec or hybrid that the XT5 cannot fulfill?

  8. Excellent comment Frank. They are leaving their previous market. At that price it brings alot of well known high quality cars into play. Cadillac has still work to do to convince people they are a world class car.

    Bottom line is that they want a different type customer than they have had in the past and it doesn’t appear to be me or others like you.

  9. I had an XT5 and did not like the Front wheel drive. I bought the CT6 for the Super Cruise, which Cadillac for years did not offer it in any other model.

    While I understand the “corporate logic” of the expense to produce the CT6, they do not understand the importance of marketing a “Loss Leader” that sets the brand standard while other models feed off that image and make the money for Cadillac. The 2019 & 2020 Blackwing CT6 was a world class car. They got it right and actually bought it over a Mercedes S550. Why? A better car at a much better value. Best car in its class in the world and Cadillac drops it. A real shame.

    Great example is the CTS-V and the V program. I owned one and many people either considered or bought a Cadillac due to that car. The national advertising program led to alot of people buying or considering Cadillacs due to the high performance V series. According to the engineers at the V school, they didn’t have to sell but 500 V CTS series to pay for the V program and only 50 V CTS series wagons to pay for it.

  10. I have had 5 Cadillac sedans in 9 years and they have all been worth every penny that we spent on them. We currently have 2 CT6 Premium AWD with Super Cruise. Our 2020 is a pure eye catcher and have had people at the gas station ask what kind of car it is and where they can get one. Our 2017 CT6 is just as sharp. Doesn’t this speak volumes to Cadillac’s lack of marketing on this full-sized sedan?

    When I tell them that this was the last of the big sedan for Cadillac, they even say things like that’s too bad and why would they do that. I for one and there seems to be many of us don’t want an EV, SUV, CUV or a pickup mall crawler.

    GM/Cadillac need to bring back and affordable $65-90K full-sized sedan. The CT4 is basically a 2-passenger car as a full-sized adult can’t sit comfortably in the back seat. The anemic 4-cylinder turbo is a joke. The CT5 rides like a lumber wagon and doesn’t fit people well at all. These are not “luxury mid-sized sedans”. The Celestiq is intended to hit the sub-Bentley market at $200K+.

    We considered a Tesla and then we looked closely at the fit, finish and material in the Tesla it was horrible. Paint flaws, body gaps that were so mismatched, seemingly different colors on body panels and the interior was uncomfortable and cheap looking. This was as the rep told us a “NEW, ready to be sold premium luxury car”. No way was I dropping $100K+ for it, then I found out the cost of a charging station for home and the limited range it got nixed pretty quickly. We travel and where am I going to find a charging station in rural America during a long road trip? I’d need one helluva extension cord and be prepared to stay the night. Remember that ice, snow and cold are not an EV’s friend also.

    I’ll keep my CT6’s and my Corvette for as long as I can scavenge gas for them. GM only cares about the profit and can’t pull their heads out long enough to realize if they MARKET the cars right, they will sell. Loss leaders are an industry standard across everything. Mary, the bean counters and the board need to realize where all markets are and what they want, not just China.

  11. Yes it does Quick Silver 1. Cadillac has sold out to China and isn’t an American Car company anymore. The CT6 is a world class car and it was never marketed properly. I’ve had dozens of people tell me what a beautiful car I had and were surprised it was a Cadillac.

    Ean Counters strike again.

    • Wilson, you are right. They have sold out and all the technology has been put into the cars that the Chinese want. I can’t say how long it has been since I had a Super Cruise map update, but they are mapping China like wildfire.

      Every time I see a picture on Cadillac Society or GM Authority I see that the license plates are all the larger Asian styles. No happy that all the marketing is going is aimed there. We Americans still buy sedans, if they are marketed and made sensibly for us. GM has to be aware that they are losing market share in the states, but obviously they don’t care and don’t realize this is the roots of the company. Who was it that bailed them out when they were bankrupt? Sure wasn’t China!


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