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Cadillac V-Mode Button Explained On CT4-V, CT5-V

Cadillac V-Mode Button Explained On CT4-V, CT5-V

The current Cadillac V-Series lineup blesses the luxury marque’s traditionally opulent four-doors with a strong dose of performance. That includes the Cadillac CT4-V and Cadillac CT5-V, which bridge the gap between the more pedestrian CT4 and CT5, and the track-ready Cadillac Blackwing models. However, finding the perfect balance between luxury and performance can be a personal affair – that’s where the Cadillac V-Mode button comes in handy.

First, a little background. The Cadillac CT4 and CT5 feature multiple driving modes that tailor the vehicle settings to certain driving situations. These include Tour Mode, which maximizes comfort for normal city and high driving, Sport Mode, which is ideal for spirited driving with more immediate downshifts, sharper steering, and improved cornering, and Snow/Ice Mode, which softens throttle response for smoother low-traction control. Meanwhile, My Mode allows the driver to configure specific onboard systems to their liking for a more customized experience. Cadillac V-Series models also offer Track Mode, which puts the transmission, throttle response, and suspension in the most performance-oriented settings available.

Then we have Cadillac V-Mode, another feature which is exclusive to Cadillac V-Series models. Like My Mode, V-Mode allows the driver to personalize vehicle settings, but with a greater emphasis on driving dynamics and performance. Adjustable settings include the engine sound, the steering response, the suspension, the braking response, and the traction management system, as well as the powertrain.

Activating Cadillac V-Mode is easy – just hit the V-Mode button located on the right-hand side of the steering wheel, and the vehicle will automatically adopt your custom performance settings. Hit the V-Mode button a second time to deactivate V-Mode, or simply select another driving mode using the Drive Mode Control in the center console.

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