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Cadillac Sedans No Longer Offer Rear Seat Pass-Through

Cadillac Sedans No Longer Offer Rear Seat Pass-Through

Sedans typically make the most of available interior space with a variety of configurations for the rear seat, including a rear-seat pass-through between the trunk and the rear passenger area. Several Cadillac sedans have offered a rear-seat pass-through in the past, including the ATS, the CTS, the CT6, and the XTS. But now, the current Cadillac sedan lineup, which includes the CT4 and CT5, do not offer a rear-seat pass-through.

For those readers who may be scratching their heads, a rear-seat pass-through is a section of the rear seat that lowers to allow longer items to be stored between the rear trunk and rear seats. This is particularly useful for those owners that need to carry longer items like skis, hockey sticks, or music stands, but without folding down the entire (or sections of the) rear seat, in order to be able to carry passengers in the rear.

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac CT6

However, while previous Caddy sedans offered a rear-seat pass-through feature, the new CT4 and CT5 do not. As such, hauling around longer items necessitates folding down sections of the rear seat.

To note, the CT4 and CT5 both offer a 60/40 split-folding rear bench, as did several older Cadillac sedan models. It’s also worth noting the available trunk capacity on offer with the CT4 and CT5, with the former posting 10.7 cubic-feet of cargo room, and the latter posting 11.9 cubic-feet of cargo room.

Cadillac CT5

Cadillac CT5

Going forward, it will interesting to see how Cadillac’s transition to an all-electric model lineup affects things like available cargo room and rear bench seat configuration, given the low mounting position and relatively compact dimensional of an EV drivetrain.

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  1. The hybrid CT6 has its battery against the rear seat back, so it didn’t have the folding back. I also read that Cadillacs produced for the Chinese market also have no folding backs because their rear seats can recline.


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