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Cadillac Super Cruise The Best Active Driving Assist System, Consumer Reports Says

Cadillac Super Cruise The Best Active Driving Assist System, Consumer Reports Says

 Cadillac Super Cruise outscored all other active driving assistance systems on the market in a recent Consumer Reports study, including Tesla Autopilot.

The product review site first performed an industry-wide performance analysis of available active driving assistance systems back in 2018, which also ended with Cadillac Super Cruise on top. The key to Super Cruise’s consistent performance in the stringent study, Consumer Reports says, are the infrared cameras that actively monitor the driver’s face to ensure they are paying attention to the road ahead.

“Even after two years, Cadillac’s Super Cruise remained our top-rated system because, when turned on, it uses direct driver monitoring to warn drivers that appear to have stopped paying attention to the road,” the publication claims.

For this study, Consumer Reports compared 17 different active driving assistance systems at its private test track and on nearby public roads. Its automotive experts performed 36 separate tests on the systems, evaluating them on various performance factors such as steering input, speed control and, most importantly, how well they keep the driver safe and engaged with the driving task.  They then broke their overall performance down with five 0-10 scores: Capabilities and Performance, Keeping the Driver Engaged, Ease of Use, Clear and Safe to Use and Unresponsive Driver.

Cadillac Super Cruise scored an 8 out of 10 in the Capabilities and Performance category, finishing second to Tesla Autopilot, which received a 9 out of 10.  It also topped the most critical categories, Keeping the Driving Engaged, Clear When Safe to Use and Unresponsive Driver, by a wide margin, far outscoring all competing systems thanks to its driver-facing cameras and monitoring software.

“A good system should also make it clear when the driver needs to take over the steering,” Consumer Reports said. “Cadillac’s system not only alerts the driver clearly that it is disengaging—changing its alerts from solid green to flashing blue—but also in some situations can alert the driver well in advance that they’ll need to take over.”

Super Cruise also received bonus points for its pre-downloaded mapping data, which ensures the vehicle knows exactly what lies ahead and isn’t relying solely on cameras and sensors to read the road. This can also enables the system to know exactly when it needs to disengage (like when a highway is ending, for example), giving the driver plenty of time to prepare to take over the controls.

Overall, Consumer Reports gave Cadillac Super Cruise a score of 69 out of 100, while Tesla Autopilot trailed it with a score of 57 out of 100. The publication tested Cadillac Super Cruise on a CT6 sedan, which is now out of production. Super Cruise is currently available on the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 sedans, as well as the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Many future Cadillac vehicles will also feature the advanced driving assistant, including the Cadillac Lyriq EV.

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  1. I have a 2020 XT5 Cadillac, and I’m not too happy with the Super Cruise. I owned a 2018 Honda Odyssey, and it stayed on the road and took the bends in the road much better than the Cadillac. The Cadillac doesn’t want to take me through the bends in the road, and it won’t stay on course on a straight highway. I talked to the dealer and was told that there aren’t any adjustments to that system.

    • The XT5 does not and has not offered Super Cruise. You’re likely referring to Adaptive Cruise Control, which is a much simpler system.

  2. Super cruise is not currently available on the 2021 Escalade! I have an Escalade order on hold due to Super Cruise not being produced! Alex, any info out there other than estimated January?

    • Same here Martin. I have a Premium Luxury Platinum on order waiting for Super Cruise availability. Dealer says I might have it late April/early May.

  3. I am ready for Super Cruise now. GM vehicle models with Super Cruise will be popular on display at my businesses.

  4. I own a 2018 CT6 with Super Cruise and it has performed flawlessly for thousands of miles.
    Best of the Best!

  5. When building and pricing at cadillac.com, the CT4 and CT5 do not have Super Cruise as an option to add. Nor does the XT6. When asking the Cadillac on line chat person about timing of Super Cruise availability, the answer is basically ——have no information as to when it will be available.
    So, Alex ——- what is going on with Super Cruise and its availability? I’m read to buy a XT6 with Super Cruise.


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