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Cadillac XT4 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA And GLB: Dimensional Comparison

Cadillac XT4 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA And GLB: Dimensional Comparison

Mercedes-Benz revealed two new compact crossovers for its U.S. lineup last year – the new GLB-Class and GLA-Class. Both promise a combination of luxury, refinement, and practicality, all without overdoing it on the dimensions, thereby taking on the Cadillac XT4 – which is rapidly becoming one of Cadillac’s best-selling models. As such, we’ve decided to put them up side-by-side to see how the new German entries stack up from a size standpoint.

Cadillac XT4

Exterior dimensions are important in this segment, and for a number of reasons. Not only do they help with things like maneuverability and ease of driving, but compact crossover buyers will also have an easier time finding parking and fitting the vehicle in their garage if the vehicle in question isn’t gargantuan. In other words, these models are meant to be compact, and for a reason – as their buyers prefer a smaller vehicle. Meanwhile, interior room and cargo room are even more important, with an extra inch for passengers or an extra cubic-foot for storage sometimes making all the difference.

To note, the Cadillac XT4 was first introduced for the 2019 model year, and is built on the E2 platform. The XT4 is offered in three trim levels here in the U.S., including the Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Sport.

Cadillac XT4

Exterior Dimensions

Sizing for the Cadillac XT4 includes a 109.4-inch wheelbase, 181.1-inch overall length, 74.1-inch overall width, and 64.1-inch overall height. To note, the overall width excludes the width added by the sideview mirrors, while the overall height includes the roof rails. What’s more, the XT4’s front track is slightly wider than the rear, measured at 63.2 inches in front and 63.1 inches in back.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz GLB stands apart as larger than the Cadillac XT4 in just about every dimension. Compared to the Caddy, the Mercedes GLB gets an extra two inches for the wheelbase, 1.3 inches in overall length, and 1.2 inches in overall height. The front and rear tracks are also marginally wider than those of the XT4. However, the GLB is also significantly narrower, losing nearly two inches in overall width compared to the Cadillac XT4, which is one of the widest vehicles in its segment.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

Finally, we have the new Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, which was introduced in December 2019. Compared to the XT4, the Mercedes GLA is smaller in every dimension, with a wheelbase that’s two inches shorter, an overall length that’s a whopping 7.4 inches shorter, an overall width that’s 1.9 inches narrower, and an overall height that’s 0.7 inches lower. Front and rear tracks match that of those of the GLB-Class, which means they are marginally larger than those of the Cadillac XT4.

Exterior Dimensions
Dimension Cadillac XT4 Mercedes-Benz GLB Mercedes-Benz GLA
Wheelbase (in. ): 109.4 111.4 107.4
Overall Length (in.): 181.1 182.4 173.6
Overall Width (in.): 74.1 72.2 72.2
Overall Height (in.): 64.1 65.3 63.4
Front Track (in.): 63.2 63.2 63.2
Rear Track (in.): 63.1 63.2 63.2

Interior Dimensions

As for interior dimensions, the Cadillac XT4 offers 39.4 inches of headroom in front and 38.3 inches of headroom in the rear, 40.4 inches of legroom in front and 39.5 inches of legroom in back, and 57 inches of shoulder room in front with 55.1 inches of shoulder room in back.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz GLB stands out for its optional third-row seating configuration. Compared to the XT4, the standard five-seat GLB has an extra 1.3 inches in front headroom and one inch more headroom in back, one extra inch of legroom in front and 1.4 inches less legroom in the rear, and 1.1 inches less shoulder room in front with 0.2 inches less shoulder room in the rear.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

Finally, comparing the XT4 to the new Mercedes-Benz GLA shows the GLA with 1.4 inches more headroom in front and 0.2 inches less headroom in the rear, 0.7 inches more front legroom and 1.1 inches less rear legroom, and 1.1 inches less shoulder room in front with 0.3 inches less shoulder room in back.

Interior Dimensions
Dimension Cadillac XT4 Mercedes-Benz GLB (Five-Seater) Mercedes-Benz GLB (Seven-Seater) Mercedes-Benz GLA
Front Head Room (in.) 39.4 40.7 40.7 40.8
Rear Head Room (in.) 38.3 39.3 38.7 38.1
Third-Row Head Room (in.) - - 34.8 -
Front Legroom (in.) 40.4 41.4 41.4 41.1
Rear Legroom (in.) 39.5 38.1 36.9 38.4
Third-Row Legroom (in.) - - 29.1 -
Front Shoulder Room (in.) 57 55.9 55.9 55.9
Rear Shoulder Room (in.) 55.1 54.9 55 54.8
Third-Row Shoulder Room (in.) - - 43.8 -

Cargo Dimensions

To round off this comparison, we’re taking a look at cargo room, both with the rear seats folded and with them up, where possible.

The Cadillac XT4 comes with 22.5 cubic feet behind the rear bench, and 48.9 cubic-feet with the rear seats folded.

Cadillac XT4

Then we have the five-seater Mercedes-Benz GLB, which comes with 62 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded, 13.1 cubic feet more than the Cadillac XT4. Specs on cargo room behind the second row have yet to be announced for the latest GLB model. In its seven-passenger configuration, the GLB comes with 56.7 cubic-feet behind the first row, 24 cubic-feet behind the second row, and 5.1 cubic-feet behind the third row.

Lastly, the new Mercedes-Benz GLA comes with 15.4 cubic-feet of space behind the second row, 7.1 cubic-feet less than that of the Cadillac XT4. Cargo space behind with the rear seats folded has yet to be announced, but for reference, the previous model year offered 43.6 cubic-feet.

Cargo Dimensions
Dimension Cadillac XT4 Mercedes-Benz GLB (Five-Seater) Mercedes-Benz GLB (Seven-Seater) Mercedes-Benz GLA
Cargo Volume Behind First Row (cu.-ft.) 48.9 62 56.7 TBA
Cargo Volume Behind Second Row (cu.-ft.) 22.5 TBA 24 15.4
Cargo Volume Behind Third Row (cu.-ft.) - - 5.1 -

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  1. Just my opinion, but small differences in dimensions might not be that big of a factor in decision making. In my experience the design, finish and quality of Mercedes interiors is far better than Cadillac even in this price range. We have a split household my wife has liked Mercedes since 1987 and I prefer Cadillac since 2014..Her 2009 CLK350 interior was several level above by 2014 CTS. Now her 2019 GLC300 SUV’s interior is exponentially better than my hum drum 2017 CT6 Premium Luxury. Unless Cadillac has greatly improved the interiors of the XT4, the same may be true of the comparison to the GLB. Plain and cheap are the words I have used to describe my 2 Cadillac interiors, especially respecting the hard surfaces, upholstery and switch gear, only the instrumentation is good quality.

    • I have an SL500 and I cannot see that the interior is any better than my Cadillac Escalade Platinum which rides much better and has a lot more room. It also gets better gas mileage. Give me the Escalade any day.

  2. Some of those dimensions are useless , such as headroom, because the front seats are height adjustable. My two vehicles may have different headroom dimensions, but I adjust my driving height according to my view through the windshield. So a taller vehicle may have less headroom because I have to lift the seat to see better.

    Anyway, if I had my choice, I prefer the Cadillac XT4 because it is more American styled, it is easier to care for, the servicing is cheaper, and the dealer is closer. My own brother, who owns a Mercedes-Benz sedan, likes my 2009 Chevy Equinox so much that he borrows it! He is using in now!

  3. I’m willing to bet the Mercedes is a lot more expensive when similarly equipped.


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