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Cadillac CT6 Production Still Undecided: Exclusive

Cadillac CT6 Production Still Undecided: Exclusive

Late last year, we reported that the Cadillac CT6 would be discontinued for the North American market right at the end of the 2019 model year. We were shocked and dismayed by the decision, which Cadillac originally confirmed was related to the closure of the Detroit-Hamtramck production facility in Michigan, where the CT6 is assembled for North America. At the time, we thought it possible that Cadillac would move CT6 production to the Lansing Grand River plant, which is located less than 100 miles from the Hamtramck plant and is the same facility where the CT5 and CT4 will be produced, and which produced the ATS and CTS before them. However, the final decision sounded like outright discontinuation of the Cadillac CT6 for North America. Cue the waterworks.

That all changed a few weeks later, the luxury automaker walked back on previous statements by saying the CT6 was never part of restructuring efforts by Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, and that the model would not be getting discontinued. What’s more, then-new Cadillac president Steve Carlisle stated the company “never said” the CT6 would hit the chopping block, and that the large four-door was considered a critical showcase for Caddy’s high-tech offerings, including the Super Cruise semi-autonomous drive system and the new Blackwing V8 engine.

However, that still left the issue of where Cadillac CT6 production would take place following the closure of the Detroit-Hamtramck facility. Really, only two options are possible at this point: either move production to another plant in North America, or import the CT6 from China.

As such, Cadillac Society asked the automaker directly about its plans for the CT6 in North America.

In response, Cadillac representative, Stefan Cross, told us the following: “We have CT6 production scheduled at Detroit-Hamtramck that will keep vehicles available through January 2020. We have nothing additional to announce at this time.”

It certainly sounds like the decision is still very much up in the air at this point. But with Cadillac parent, General Motors, entering negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) this week, it’s highly likely that Detroit-Hamtramck and CT6 production will be used as a negotiation tactic to secure concessions from the United Auto Workers union (UAW).

The UAW’s current contract with GM expires in September, so where and how the CT6 is produced for North America will undoubtedly be on the table going forward. Both GM and the UAW would prefer North American units of the CT6 to remain produced in the U.S., but the automaker can always fall back to importing the sedan from China if the UAW doesn’t play ball.

We’ll have our ears to the ground as this story develops. The good news is that it sounds like the Cadillac CT6 isn’t going away, but we’ve still got our fingers crossed for production to remain stateside.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.


  1. I’m not too optimistic about US production. Unless there is a large investment made in producing another vehicle on the Omega platform, I can’t see how the CT6 can go on. Sales are just not there. Less than 1000 a month in the US. On the other hand, I don’t see broad US market acceptance of a Chinese built Cadillac, given the current climate.
    All that being said, I lo e the CT6.

    • I agree that a Chinese-built Cadillac (flagship) would face significant marketing challenges here in the US. I would hope that successful negotiations with UAW, and some creative thinking by the company’s manufacturing and industrial engineers would come up with a way to run a mix of platforms through the same facility – call it “Agile Manufacturing.”

      • Per the Window sticker from my 2019 CT6 38% of that vehicle line components are China sourced. We do live in a world economy. It is one thing to have components from a country. But, when it is assembled there and not the US/Canada that would be totally unacceptable to me and a lot of other Americans.

    • I have had the ats-v for three and a half years we needed to transport more people around so I ended up going to the ct6 V i can till you read new Blackwing motor is really a great set-up the power is down compared to with the motor can produce that’s something I don’t understand but you had his still a great car I bought it from courtesy Cadillac here in Kentucky you’re absolutely great people to deal with and truly I do love the card my wife really loves it the ats-v is also a great car Cadillac really is something special USA 1

  2. If GM decides to produce it in China, they should forget about selling it in the U.S. market. There is way too much pushback from the consumer, and potential bad press from idiot politicians. The fact that, despite what Carlisle said, Caddy has been waffling on the model for two years now. It’s a prime example of Division and GM management that doesn’t know what the hell they are all about.

    • You do know that Cadillac already builds the CT6 in China for the China/Asia market, right?

      • The base 2.0 4 cylinder is built in China and imported to the US. The CT6s with the 6 cylinder engine (3.6, 3.0 TT) and V8 Blackwing were all built in Hamtramck.

        • Blackwing built in kentuky at the vette factory!

      • Yes.

  3. Please bring back the CT6 Sport as equipped in 2019

  4. I own a ’19 CT6 Premium Luxury 3.6AWD with Super Cruise. This is my 14th new Cadillac since 1988. Without a doubt the CT6 is an engineering marvel. I have never experienced such fine handling and refinement in a car, what a pleasure to drive. The new 10 speed transmission is perfection. No doubt GM’s waffling about whether to keep this car or not has hurt potential sales. If only more people could test drive these cars then more sales would occur. People don’t realize what they are missing out on!!

  5. I bought a 2019 Platinum CT6 this year and agree with the comments about the quality and performance of the vehicle. It is a great car and a joy to drive. However, if the CT6 had been produced in China I NEVER would have purchased it.
    In 2017 when I purchased a GM Crossover I refused to even consider the China built Buick vehicle.
    Today the actions taken by the ever more aggressive, one sided, militant China are worse and they will continue to degrade.

  6. The CT6’s omega structure has diecast bridges (don’t know GM’s jargon) from the lower corner pillars to suspension.

    The announced new Corvette has similar structural diecast bridges. And there was a recent large expansion to it’s plant in Bowling Green. The 4.2L turbo 8 is also built there.

    Can Bowling Green build both Corvette and CT6?

  7. I love my CT6 Sport. Great car and the best value in the full-size performance sedan marketplace. With that being said, I would never buy one if it were built in China. No way. I’m hopeful that the CT6 will continue to be manufactured at home where it belongs. Maybe the Bowling Green plant will be the new home. I hope so!

  8. After seven years, I made the switch from Lexus to Cadillac and I couldn’t be happier. My CT6 is the finest car I have ever owned and my dealership is excellent at customer service after the sale. However, I WILL NOT BUY ANY CADILLAC MADE IN CHINA, PERIOD. When I was a boy, Cadillac was the standard of luxury in the world and it fell behind BMW, Mercedes,and Lexus. A move to China would set them back just at a time when the brand is reemerging as a luxury leader. This is not just about selling cars, it’s about showing that the USA is capable of competing with the best in the world and coming back in a leadership role.I believe that Americans are willing to pay a little more to keep this honored brand at home.

  9. GM undoubtedly is using the CT6 domestic production as a bargaining chip with the UAW.

    Too many potential buyers have indicated they would NOT buy a CT6 if it were built in Communist China. The trend is away from China.

    My opinion, after all the meetings Trump has had with Mary Barra on U.S. production/jobs he’d give Mary Barra *^%# if she did not keep the production of the CT6 in the U.S.


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