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Cadillac CT6 To Be Discontinued In Mid-2019

Cadillac CT6 To Be Discontinued In Mid-2019

Nope, you didn’t misread the headline: the Cadillac CT6 will be discontinued.  We’re just as surprised and shocked as your are, and that sound is frustration, disdain and contempt on behalf of Cadillac owners, fans and enthusiasts the world over.

It has been confirmed that the Cadillac CT6 will exit production next year, around the middle of 2019. The reason for the decision is rather nebulous, but it’s related to a decision made by Cadillac parent, General Motors, to shutter the Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan where the large sedan is assembled for North American markets.

It’s currently unclear whether GM or Cadillac made the aforementioned decision, but all signs point toward the former shuttering the plant, and the CT6 being a casualty of the move.

But two things will take place before that happens. First, the refreshed 2019 Cadillac CT6 will go on sale. Second, Cadillac’s new 4.2L Twin-Turbo V8 engine – the Blackwing – will be made available in two versions:

  • Regular-output variant (for the CT6 Platinum) making 500 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, and
  • High-output variant for the CT6-V (née CT6 V-Sport) making 550 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque

Though not yet official, it looks like the powertrain combination will only be built for six months, making CT6 units with the Blackwing motor extremely rare.

Prior to the official confirmation of the discontinuation, it was rumored that CT6 production could simply be moved to the Lansing Grand River plant (home of the ATS and CTS, and the upcoming CT5 and CT4), which is located less than 100 miles West of Hamtramck. Since then, Cadillac has confirmed that the CT6 is set to be discontinued entirely, and that there are not plans to move CT6 production to another facility.

We should also note that the Cadillac CT6 discontinuation only applies to the North American market. The large luxury sedan will remain in production and on sale in China, where it is made at the dedicated Jinqiao Cadillac plant in Shanghai.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. De Sad ,we get a worthy upgrade and it don’t even last a whole year. Way to instill confidence in you brand and convince people to purchase and stand by your products.

  2. Cadillac finally make the right car with the right motor options Blackwing and dumps it let’s move backwards not forward sad day.

  3. I wonder if at some point in the distant future, the Shanghai plant will supply the CT6 to the North American market?

  4. GM will lose all of it’s CT6 customers after this move. GM continues to make poor choices.

  5. Is the CT8 dead also

    • From what we know, the second full-size Cadillac car is still on track.

      • Is it Escala?

  6. Cadillac and/or GM seems to have problems getting it right whatever the model. My guess Cadillac will not be made or available In North America in 10 years but it will be in China.

  7. This is terrible news. The Cadillac CT6 is an excellent car and Cadillac needs to be in the market even if its not profitable. If the CT6 is eliminated and the CTS is downsized to become the CT5, Cadillac will only sell small cars. Cadillac is a BIG CAR Company. I hope Cadillac can find a way to to keep the CT6 in its product line. I think its important for the brand image.

  8. It seems that Cadillac or GM as far as that go are too willing to cut and run rather than stand and fight. When they bring out a product that is not a runaway sales success for whatever reason they drop the product rather than figuring out why it didn’t succeed and fixing it to make it competitive.

  9. I see this as a move from standard cars to crossovers. The Chevy Cruise and the Buick Regal are nice cars, but they aren’t selling well. The Equinox, and the XT5 are. Cadillac just came out with a smaller crossover (XT4).

    • The alleged move from cars to crossovers is only impacting GM.

      Meanwhile, the Japanese, German and Korean automakers have only slight decreases in car sales and huge gains in crossover sales.

      We are witnessing GM’s significant competitive disadvantage of having very low loyalty rates, which has led to car sales to be impacted more than at other automakers.

      • One reason for the lack of loyalty is everytime GM comes out with a new vehicle they come up w/a new name. Then they hardly market the new cars, there are few legacy vehicle names. Where as even Hyundai use names we all know Sante Fe and their others have been gen 1, gen 2, gen 3, etc… Toyota rarely changes names as well as most others. GM is a pathetically run organization and Mary Barra needs to be fired. She was given a CEO seat on a company with a completely clean sheet of financial paper and its been wasted. She came in wanting to change the culture but she is a lifer herself who is now the captain as the ship goes down. We are witnessing the end of GM and its tragic on so many fronts…

  10. Alex, In your professional opinion, do you think the CT6 will really be discontinued? A part of me wants to believe that threatening the end of this car is only a ploy for GM to get concessions from the government. After investing so much in the CT6, it is a bit hard for me to fathom that GM wants to end it.

    • Thank you for the question.

      I do think they are dropping production of the CT6 in North America “for real”. That said, we might see the CT6 line from Detroit Hamtramck be put into another North American plant, such as Lansing Grand River. In that regard, that is where they might be looking for some political leverage, though what concessions they might be looking for, in particular, is beyond me.

      In addition, Lansing Grand River (in its current form) simply isn’t big enough to support CT6 production. Another alternative is importing the CT6 from China… which is far from an ideal scenario for multiple reasons (order-inventory-delivery process timing being the primary reason).

      From a general standpoint, GM is currently extremely focused on profitability and maximizing the ROI/ROIC, while investing heavily into electric and autonomous technologies, both of which are very far from breaking even or turning a profit. And that’s the flaw of the strategy: they are investing so much and so quickly in EV and AV to be “the leaders” in each area, but are burning through cash faster than ever.

      In the case of AV, the money is going toward developing these technologies (Cruise). In the case of EV, it is to keep products like the Bolt EV on the market, while losing several thousand dollars on each unit produced/sold (they are very far from breaking even on the Bolt program). As a result of all that, we see vehicles like the CT6 get discontinued. Notably, the CT6 is profitable. However, it is not meeting the profitability targets that were planned for it. In other words, rather than making 35% margin, GM was making 10% margin. Meanwhile, the CT6 re-establishes Cadillac in the luxury space. For all intents and purposes, it’s worthy of being kept around for the long term. But the massive AV/EV investments are preventing this from taking place.

      I should note that prior to this EV and EV craze, GM would keep vehicle lines that were somewhat profitable (not extremely profitable, but still doing well) around, while recouping the investment in the long-term. Now, they cut anything that doesn’t meet their extremely high (and, arguably, unrealistic) ROI/ROIC targets… all to support EV and AV investments. From my perspective, the strategy is extremely unsound.

      At the end of the day, I think the chance that they are bluffing/using the CT6 discontinuation as leverage is close to 0%, the chance that they will keep CT6 manufacturing around in North America is 10%, and that they will import the CT6 from China is 35%.

      • That obsession with high profits will cost them in the long run perhaps even in the short run. When your customers lose faith in you and go elsewhere where are those profits coming from? Know they make big bucks on Trucks and SUV’s but if they keep cutting corners and not spending the money to make them class leading they stand a chance of loosing those customers also.


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