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Exclusive Photos Show New Cadillac Headquarters Office In Michigan

Exclusive Photos Show New Cadillac Headquarters Office In Michigan

Back in September, we found out that Cadillac plans to relocate its global headquarters from New York City’s swanky SoHo district to Michigan. The move was very unexpected for Cadillac employees, fans and stakeholders alike. But the relocation comes with an asterisk: the new Cadillac headquarters office in Michigan will not be the Renaissance Center in Detroit, an office park that serves as the central HQ of Caddy’s parent company, General Motors. Instead, Cadillac will move into a standalone building in the town of Warren, located about 20 miles north of Detroit.

So we took a trip to Warren to check out the building that Cadillac will soon call its own, and took these photos to share with you.

Cadillac's new headquarters in Warren, Michigan

The new Cadillac headquarters office in Warren is located at 30400 Van Dyke Ave, right across the street from the Warren Tech Center – the primary technology development facility of Cadillac’s parent. Notably, Cadillac’s recently-appointed President, Steve Carlisle, previously stated that the primary reason for Cadillac’s decision to leave New York for Michigan involves “inefficiencies” associated with developing the upcoming onslaught of future Cadillac vehicles in Michigan while being headquartered in New York.

With the exception of a few Cadillac models in the parking lot, one would never imagine that that the building in question will soon house one of the world’s most iconic automotive marques. Even the sign in front of the building still reads “General Motors – Vehicle Engineering Center East”.

Previously, the building was home to longtime GM ad agency partner, Lowe Campbell Ewald. Since then, it has been used for additional GM vehicle engineering operations.

Subjectively speaking, Caddy’s new HQ doesn’t strike us as being suited for America’s foremost auto luxury brand. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t look good, either. For the time being, let’s just say that it has potential.

The good news is that there’s still time to do remodel before Cadillac’s move-in date, which is set for April 2019. Here’s to hoping that Cadillac will, at the very least, decorate its new home with a proud display of the Cadillac Crest. We’d start with painting the “30400” building number – currently finished in a very gaudy red – in a more tasteful color.

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  1. I feel with this move the GM (Cadillac) bean counters have won once again, leaving Cadillac with out a flagship car or competitive image!! This building FITS the NEW Cadillac image ,Sorry Vanilla only !-Boring! GM could care less about it’s employees! Mercedes -Benz here I come! T.Y.

  2. Are we witnessing the gradual decline of Cadillac?

    • With the lack of leadership and willingness to bring fully competitive vehicles to market, then once they’re reviewed they always come in 2nd or 3rd, they’re discontinued… unfortnately I think GM is doomed… GM is living off it historical laurels in China but how do they expect to be competitive is only 2 markets and imploding in one, the USA? Mary Barra and her team need to go, ASAP! This is a tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes.

    • It certainly seems like a decline… unless there is a plan in place that is better than what we’re currently imagining.

      The only way I can see there being a better plan is if it involves putting ALL Cadillac models on VS-R (Vehicle Set – Rear/Drive). But from what I understand, this is not part of the plan.

  3. Seems so surreal & unbelievable. How will Cadillac ever get close to competing with the vast spectrum of products by Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti & Acura?

    • How many Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Lexinfinura buyers go to the headquarters of those brands before they buy a car?

  4. How does moving to a building in Michigan signal the death of GM? Do people think that those of us in Michigan are a bunch of uncultured slugs? Though NYC has a lot to offer, the emloyees there will find cost of living, and housing in southeast Michigan to be a lot less than in lower Manhatten.

  5. Craig you are correct ,cheep housing = less amenities and certainly not in keeping with the Cadillac image ! Or it this the NEW Cadillac image -Plain Jane! Did you see Mercedes headquarters in Germany?

  6. I’m sure that the Mercedes headquarters is very nice looking, but a beautiful building doesn’t necessarily make for a beautiful car. It’s the people inside the building that make the car stylish.


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