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New Evidence Suggests Cadillac CT5 Will Be Introduced In 2018

New Evidence Suggests Cadillac CT5 Will Be Introduced In 2018

The Cadillac XT4 is already reaching dealers in China, but new intel suggests the luxury brand plans to introduce another all-new vehicle this year in China.

Cadillac Society has obtained a photo of a slide from a presentation delivered to Chinese Cadillac dealers that shows some enticing information. Entitled “Cadillac Product Development Process In China”, the slide shows Cadillac’s history in China, starting with the first-generation CTS in 2004, which launched the brand in the market, followed by the SLS in 2007, second-gen SRX in 2010, XTS in 2013, the ATS-L in 2014, and the CT6 and XT5, which arrived in calendar year 2016.

A slide from a presentation to dealers showing Cadillac’s product trajectory in China

Anyone following Cadillac’s developments in China will likely be familiar with this timeline. But the most interesting part of the presentation is the brand’s plans for 2018. To wit – the section in red translates to “Product spectrum is further improved” and shows two vehicle silhouettes, both of which are marked for a 2018 introduction as the seventh and eighth models to be produced locally in China.

The crossover-shaped vehicle on the left is clearly the XT4, which was not yet introduced at the time this presentation was delivered. Meanwhile, we believe that the vehicle on the right is the upcoming Cadillac CT5.

Cadillac CT6 undergoing production at the Cadillac-Jinqiao Plant in Shanghai, China

Right Timing

Cadillac’s current model lineup in China is composed of the following four vehicles, from oldest to newest:

  • XTS, introduced in 2013
  • ATS-L, introduced in 2014
  • CT6, introduced in 2016
  • XT5, introduced in 2016

The XTS received a refresh at the end of last year, the freshened CT6 is about to arrive, and the updated XT5 will be presented in a matter of a few months. That makes the ATS-L, which launched exactly four years ago, as the odd man out.

Cadillac ATS-L

Cadillac ATS-L – an extended-length version of the ATS sold exclusively in China

The ATS-L hasn’t received any updates save for replacing the Wreath and Crest logo with its new wreath-less version. Come to think of it, the model is actually five years old in China, since the extended-length (ATS-L) variant replaced the standard ATS in China one year after its introduction in that market.

The turn of events leaves Cadillac with an outdated model in a vital vehicle segment that just happens to be China’s highest-volume luxury segment.

Imminent ATS-L Replacement

Taking all this into account, as well as the fact that China is the world’s single largest market for sedans, we believe that Cadillac plans to introduce the much-anticipated Cadillac CT5 before the end of the year in China.

We’re basing our prediction on two specific factors:

  1. The CT5 is consistent with the sedan body style shown in the silhouetted presentation, and
  2. The CT5 has been the model that has spent the most time in the validation testing stage than any other future Cadillac model; as such, it should be the first one out of the gate
2020 Cadillac CT5

A 2020 Cadillac CT5 prototype undergoing testing in June 2018

Based on Cadillac’s official announcement that a new model will come to market every six months, the CT5 should launch in the United States during the spring of 2019 as a 2020 model.

All this indicates that Cadillac will likely reveal the CT5 in the very near future, since the luxury brand must do so in order to commence the model’s launch in China.

Stay tuned to Cadillac Society for further Cadillac CT5 news.

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  1. espero que cadillacsociety este en lo cierto y al fin se tenga otro modelo new cadillac porque de verdad veo muy lento el proyecto

  2. If there’s no CTS currently on sale in China, this makes sense–for China. But the 2019 ATS sedan disappeared here, so we should get the CT4 first. Pretty screwy, I know, but might it make the production changeovers easier if the same model isn’t done at the same time? The same people could do it for each model in the US and in China

    • Hello Ralph! The CT4 will not be positioned exactly like the standard ATS, for that reason your logic of succession does not apply.

      While the CT5 is something like a global ATS-L 2.0. Basically, the brand is merging the two versions with long wheelbase of the platform into a single model. That is why he has said that the CT5 will be a unique replacement for both the ATS and the CTS, positioned at the center of both – the exact position of ATS-L, the only successful variant of the first gen of the Alpha platform.

      Additionally, the CTS is in its last year/model and its production will end during the first half of next year. That is to say, the CT5 is the sedan that Cadillac needs more quickly from any perspective: specific or international (correct).

      • If the CT5 were to be produced before the CT4 in the US, they wouldn’t have already stopped production of the ATS sedan, they would have stopped the CTS first.

        I’m all but certain the CT4 will have the wheelbase of the reg. ATS and the CT5 the CTS’s, but their list prices will be lower, probably close to the actual market price of the old cars. Then they will be competing with smaller, cheaper German cars than their predecessors.

  3. Good news.

    Not to be picky or anything, but the car in the Jinqiao Factory photo is a CT6, and NOT a CT5.

    • Corrected.

      Thanks for notifying, Greg!

      • No charge 🙂

  4. What in the world is so wrong with giving autos and their models names instead of cold clinical alpha-numeric labels.

    • Ask Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo…….and Lincoln.

      • Lincoln is going back to names. The “Germans” are notorious for their teutonic function not for glamour. Cadillac needs names, they’re American (even if made outside)… Infiniti is me too, to the Germans… break out Caddy, go back to names starting now.

        • Cadillac will go back to names for halo and specialty cars. The more volume production models will have alphanumeric.

        • “Lincoln is going back to names.”
          I know. That’s why I mentioned them. When the Continental was announced everyone cheered. But it’s a sales flop.

          “The “Germans” are notorious for their teutonic function not for glamour.”

          …. And they own the Market. What does that tell you?

    • They’re only clinical to those who think they’re clinical. I like alpha-numerics and don’t think for a minute that they’re “clinical”. What’s more, alpha-numerics work in every global market. No so much for “real names”.

      Keep that in mind, and then consider that the biggest growth opportunity for Cadillac is outside the U.S. market… and it will all begin to make sense.

  5. My guess is the CT6-V as it’s the only sedan that has been promoted recently. I’m sure we would have seen more spy shots and reveals if it was a CT5:

    • Look at the roadmap in the image. It’s an all-new model. It’s the CT5… and we have seen spy shots galore. The car is almost ready for production, and is definitely ready for a reveal.

  6. I have a question. Seeing as how one of the main complaints about the ATS was lack of rear leg room , why didn’t the just do the ATS L in the USA?

    • Because it would have competed with the CTS, which isn’t sold in China. Both US cars could do with a couple inches more wheelbase. Instead, they’re moving the price range down a segment.

      Cadillac stupidly thought that the decades of reviewers and people ignoring BMW crampness would happen to them, too, if the car handled nicely enough.


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