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Why Your Cadillac XT5, XT6 Forward Collision Alert Indicator Might Always Be On

Why Your Cadillac XT5, XT6 Forward Collision Alert Indicator Might Always Be On

Owners of some units of the 2020 through 2024 Cadillac XT5 and Cadillac XT6 may notice that their vehicles present with a Forward Collision Alert indicator warning light that seems to be permanently stuck on. Thankfully, the problem has been identified and a fix has been released.

The Forward Collision Alert indicator, which is a series of red lights that project onto the vehicle’s windshield to alert the driver of an impending front-end collision with another vehicle, may remain on when there is no alert present. This may occur anytime the ignition is turned on, or when the headlights are on. If this fault is present, technicians are instructed to inspect the harness for the Forward Collision Alert Display (production code P43). The harness may have been pinched between the cowl and the instrument panel tie bar, which may cause the circuits to short together, or to ground. 

In order to do so, technicians will need to remove the instrument cluster hood along with the display itself, and – if necessary – the sound deadening material on the cowl. From there, the harness can be inspected for pinching. If evidence of pinching or damage is found, the technician will then perform wire repairs as necessary. Once necessary repairs are performed on the harness, the Forward Collision Alert indicator should no longer be incorrectly illuminated. 

As a reminder, both the Cadillac XT5 and XT6 are underpinned by the the luxury marque’s C1 platform, while production of 2024 models kicked off in June 2023 at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee. 

The Cadillac XT5 may be nearing the end of its lifespan in North America. While a second-gen model does exist, it will be sold exclusively in China. And though the luxury marque is evaluating interest in the overhauled XT5 in North America, we are not aware of any final decision to offer it in the Americas. Meanwhile, the XT6 didn’t get a  midcycle refresh, which we expected for the 2024 model year, making us question the future of the vehicle.

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  1. This is what happens when you have ceo who could care less about her customers and send our technology and vehicles to of all places like Chine.She is also beholden to this democratic administration with the EV’s which most of us don’t want.Bring our xt5 home where it belongs and dump Mary!!!

    • Well another screw up by UAW-GM fine quality overpaid for doing a task at $34+ per hour with no Ownership of their basic task performed, who cares I get paid the same whether i do it correctly or not!


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