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Cadillac Brand Average In J.D. Power 2023 China Customer Service Index Study

Cadillac Brand Average In J.D. Power 2023 China Customer Service Index Study

Cadillac was scored average in the J.D. Power China Customer Service Index Study (CSI), while ranking third out of 10 competitors in the luxury vehicle space.

Now in its 23rd year, the J.D. Power China CSI takes a look at customer satisfaction with after-sales service at authorized dealers. Responses are collected from owners of vehicles between one and four years old, and their experiences were cataloged over the last 12 months. Automakers are then given a score on a 1,000-point scale and ranked accordingly, with a higher score representing a higher rate of satisfaction with customer service. 

The 2023 China Customer Service Index Study gathered responses from 37,889 vehicle owners of 45 automotive brands who purchased new internal combustion engine-powered vehicles between December 2018 and May 2022. This year’s study was fielded from January through June 2023.

Cadillac earned 785 points, tying with Mercedes-Benz and the segment average, which was also 785 points. Audi, meanwhile, earned the best score, gathering 798 points, and Land Rover placed second with 786 points. Porsche placed fifth (784), followed by BMW (780), Volvo (776), Lincoln (774), while Lexus brought up the rear with 771 points. 

This year, the study found that service appointment reservations, service quality and service value saw the largest decline in satisfaction. Customers pointed out that they’d like to see ICE vehicle automakers put more effort into app operation, and noted that service packages significantly improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, first-time purchasers are more likely to receive service recommendations from the service advisors, which in turn, improves customer satisfaction. 

“We find that owners of internal combustion engine vehicles in China have higher service expectations and it is becoming more difficult to improve overall satisfaction among this group of owners,” said Ann Xie, general manager of the digital retail consulting practice at J.D. Power China.

She added, “With the continuous innovation in service of new energy vehicles, such as the digital reservation, service package, membership integrating system and service benefits. Owners of ICE vehicles have higher expectations for services, and how to further improve service satisfaction has become a challenge.”

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