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Cadillac Scores Low In Consumer Reports Automotive Brand Ranking

Cadillac Scores Low In Consumer Reports Automotive Brand Ranking

Cadillac placed 21st out of 32 automakers evaluated in a recent analysis by Consumer Reports (CR).

The publication takes into account a number of metrics when ranking automotive brands, conducting its own set of road tests to determine a vehicle’s score, while relying on customer responses in surveys to determine a rating for predicted reliability and owner satisfaction scores. CR also takes into account reports from organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and evaluates how many “Green” eco-friendly models each automaker offers. This data is compiled and each marque is given a score. The higher the score, the higher the ranking. 

2022 Cadillac Model Scoring By Consumer Reports
Model Overall Score Recommended Green Choice
CT4 58 - -
CT5 57 - -
Escalade 60 - -
XT4 50 - -
XT5 82 Yes -
XT6 69 - -

Cadillac’s score of 63 ranked it near the bottom of the list. This score was given due to below-average predicted reliability of Cadillac vehicles, along with poor owner satisfaction scores. Cadillac’s average road test score of 79, however, was decent. This score indicates that CR was impressed with the on-road performance of Cadillac models, but that there may be something to be desired in regard to the ownership experience. Note that out of the six vehicles tested in this evaluation, the editors only recommended the XT5 luxury crossover for purchase.

At this time, Cadillac does not offer a “Green” vehicle option, and the lack of eco-friendly model offerings detracted from the marque’s overall score. However, this will soon change, as the all-electric 2023 Cadillac Lyriq crossover will soon launch. The Lyriq will be built at the Cadillac Spring Hill Plant in the spring. 

The automotive brand that performed the best in this particular evaluation was Subaru, which posted a score of 81 based on above-average predicted reliability and owner satisfaction scores, along with a remarkable road test score of 89.

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  1. I don’t rely on CR for any accurate information about cars. I am an owner of 2 Cadillacs, including a 2021 Escalade and truly love both vehicles and would not consider buying any other brand. They have been reliable and the dealership experience, including service, has been outstanding. This report is why I stopped paying attention to CR a long time ago.

  2. I owned a 2020 C 5 . I was very happy with it. The only reason I did not repurchase when my 2 yr, lease was up, was there was nothing to speak of in the Cadillac line.
    I then went to Lexus

  3. Which one means more? The consumers report score or the JD powers score?

  4. I’ve owned or leased about twenty Cadillacs and never had a problem with any of them. I’ve ridden in several other cars and never liked the ride or quality of any of them. CR’s report puts Cadillac in a bad lightened it is not deserved. Cadillac is the best car I’ve ever owned and they deserve more recognition.

  5. I agree about cr. They have always been very anti American cars

  6. If based on my experience with my 2001 DeVille I would have given a moderately low reliability score. Sold it at 152K on its third catalytic converter. Electronic conveniences were failing and the cooling system had recently left me by the side of the freeway. The AC had had problems and was never that great.
    Desiring reliability I bought a Honda CRV. I had it for six years and 40k with zero problems. I then gave it to my 17 year old granddaughter.
    But, I rented an XT5 on vacation, and I drove it for 8 days. I just fell in love with it. I’ve had two Caddy’s before, and I wanted back in.
    Consumer Reports gave the XT5 very high reliability scores after the 2017 model. So, I started my search. I looked at new and entertained buying a used one (something we rarely do). I came upon a 2019 Luxury Premium with 15K for $44,500. It is in the tintcoat red without a scratch on it. Carfax showed proper maintenance and no issues I test drove it, and the 3.6 drove like a dream. I was hooked (meaning my wife gave me a right hook when I brought it home).
    So, with 15K of flawless activity it sits in my garage and makes me smile seeing it sitting there and every time I get behind the wheel.
    I’m believing CR on this car, but the future is always uncertain. However, I expect years of reliable driving and smiling ahead of me.
    BTW, my first Caddy was a mid-90’s DeVille with good reliability.

  7. We own two CT6s. Love them. Many years ago Consumer Reports wrote an article about the best beer in the US. It came down to Bud or Miller. That was it for me. Never looked to CR for info again.


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