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Cadillac Opens New Dealership In Yekaterinburg, Russia

Cadillac Opens New Dealership In Yekaterinburg, Russia

Cadillac Russia announced in December 2021 that it opened a new Cadillac dealer in Yekaterinburg. The new dealership is the luxury marque’s first retail storefront in the Ural region, where Yekaterinburg is the biggest city.

The new Cadillac dealership is part of the Glazurit dealership group, and boast an 8,000 square-foot showroom. Cadillac Russia CEO, Chiprian Suta, said the dealership is part of the luxury marque’s ongoing effort to expand its brand presence in Russia, and to bolster its sales in the country. 

“We are very pleased that after a forced break due to the pandemic, we have returned to the implementation of one of the key strategic objectives: expanding our geographical presence in Russia,” Suta said in a statement translated from Russian. “The Glazurit dealership will strengthen our position in the Urals region and will become an excellent place for all customers in Yekaterinburg to explore the world of premium American Cadillac cars.” 

The dealership’s lineup consists of Cadillac’s utility vehicles, including the full-size Escalade, as well as the XT4, XT5 and XT6 crossovers. The all-new fifth-generation Escalade launched in Russia in 2021.

The new dealership has been integrated into Cadillac Russia’s online shopping service, giving customers the ability to view the dealership’s full range of vehicles, including which ones are currently in stock and which ones can be delivered. The purchase of a new vehicle can be handled completely online for convenience, with dealership personnel available to assist when needed. 

And while internal combustion-powered Cadillacs are the only vehicles currently available in the Russian market, the all-new battery-electric Cadillac Lyriq has been greenlit for sale in the country. However, the luxury marque has not yet confirmed when the fully-electric crossover will launch there. 

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