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Cadillac Ranks Sixth In Luxury Brand Consideration During Q3 2021

Cadillac Ranks Sixth In Luxury Brand Consideration During Q3 2021

Cadillac ranked sixth overall in luxury brand consideration during the third quarter of 2021.  Brand consideration is exactly what it sounds like – a metric that evaluates the likelihood of a consumer purchasing a certain automobile brand.

Kelley Blue Book recently reported that Cadillac was one of the top ten luxury brands in Q3 2021 in terms of brand consideration, at 14 percent – a small uptick from 13 percent in Q2 2021. This statistic puts Cadillac ahead of Acura at 12 percent, and just behind Tesla at 15 percent.

At the top of the board, BMW and Lexus were tied for the highest brand consideration rate, both at 19 percent, while Mercedes-Benz trailed at 17 percent. BMW struggled to stay on top, dropping from 23 percent consideration in Q2 of 2021, while Lexus stayed flat compared to Q2 2021 rankings. Mercedes-Benz consideration rose from 15 percent in Q2.

The Cadillac XT5 was cited for its exponential growth in consideration, exhibiting an impressive 58 percent uptick in interest over Q2 2021. To put that in perspective, the closest increases were the Mercedes-Benz E-Class at 29 percent growth rate and the Acura MDX at 27 percent. 

Trends suggest that Luxury SUVs will continue to dominate consideration in the luxury brand sector, up to 69 percent from 66 percent in Q2 2021, and 67 percent in 2020. The top five most considered luxury vehicles, in descending order, were the Lexus RX, Acura MDX, Buick Enclave, Tesla Model Y, and Cadillac XT5, which edged past the BMW X5 for the fifth position in Q3. 

The Cadillac XT5 was ranked seventh across all models in the luxury segment in terms of consideration, ahead of the BMW X5 and behind the Tesla Model S. The top three included the Lexus RX, Acura MDX, and Tesla Model 3. 

Overall, the luxury car segment was credited with 49 percent consideration, down from 55 percent from Q2 of 2021 and 51 percent in 2020. 

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  1. I have owned 11 Lincolns, 5 Mercedes, and my present (2019 XTS) and last car (2016 XTS) have been Cadillacs. I have found the Cadillacs to be as good or better than my previous luxury cars, especially the German variety.
    As much as I like Cadillacs, I feel Cadillac is a brand that has lost ts soul and direction. MY current and past Cadillacs are and were XTS large sedans that are no longer available. I need a bigger sedan, the current lineup of Cadillac sedans are mid or small-level entire and are difficult to get in and out; I do not want a station wagon or SUV.
    Cadillac built its reputation on Big sedans and now they have given that part of the market completely to their competitors. PLEASE bring back the big sedan.

    • My first Cadillac was a 1979 Sedan de Ville, and since then, except for the mid-1980’s, I’ve owned about 10 new Cadillacs. I also owned a 1985 Lincoln Town Car because the regular Cadi sedan was too small.

      My current car is a CT6, 4 wheel drive with 4 wheel steering, and it’s a terrific car. I would buy a new one today except that Cadillac no longer sells a full size sedan.

      Like Joe, I don’t want an SUV – I want a full size sedan.

      During the late 20th century and until about 2013 Cadillac lost its status after years of making cars that were not competitive. Then, in 2013, the XTS was introduced – a vey good car. Then, in 2016, the CT6 was introduced. It was a terrific car and the market needed a bit more opportunity to discover that Cadillac was back making desirable luxury cars. Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and others all still make and sell full size sedans. Is GM giving up and basically saying that its top brand can’t compete?

      Come on GM, give us a full size Cadillac sedan.

  2. Maybe I am so old that I do not understand marketing or sales anymore. However, I believe that to sell an automobile you need to first determine what the buy wants and then tell him/her how you can fill their need. I believe todays automobile commercials do an extremely poor job of selling the cars. Talk about quality, safety and dependability. Why your vehicle is better, not that you are vibe you are luxury. Hell, you are Cadillac, luxury is supposed to be a given!

  3. I have owned over 31 Cadillacs and I have loved every one. Had the suv’s and the luxury Sudan’s! They all were dependable low cost to maintain. Cadillac will always be my first choice!


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