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The Cadillac CT5 Comes With An Umbrella Storage Compartment

The Cadillac CT5 Comes With An Umbrella Storage Compartment

Making a proper luxury vehicle is about looking at all the details, no matter how small they might be. To that end, the Cadillac CT5 sedan is equipped with a set of umbrella storage compartments.

The umbrella storage compartments in the Cadillac CT5 are located in the front door pockets, just below the padded arm rests. The compartments are shaped to allow owners to slide a rolled-up umbrella into the door pocket, with a rounded opening towards the front of the door for easy access. The umbrella storage compartment is market with a small umbrella symbol in the door panel, with an arrow pointing towards the rear of the door to indicate the direction in which to slide the umbrella.

Umbrella storage compartments are relatively rare in the auto industry. However, Cadillac has offered the feature on several different models beyond the Cadillac CT5, including the eighth-generation Cadillac DeVille, as well as the more recent Cadillac ATS and Cadillac CTS luxury sedans, the latter of which were indirectly replaced by the Cadillac CT5.

That said, some automakers, including Skoda and Rolls-Royce, not only offer dedicated umbrella storage compartments, but also the actual umbrellas themselves. Cadillac offers its own officially licensed golf umbrellas through the Cadillac Collection for $95. What’s more, Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, offers a Cadillac umbrella via the official corporate store for $38, as well as a V-Series-branded umbrella for $28, although these latter two items are currently listed as being sold out.

As a reminder, the 2021 Cadillac CT5 starts at $37,990, including $995 destination charge, for the base-level Luxury trim level with RWD.

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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. We already put inexpensive umbrellas in our side pockets.

  2. …..maybe YOU do…

    And if “This is the most ridiculous thing..” you’ve ever heard of, you haven’t been around very long.

    • It’s called common sense where do you put your umbrella in the trunk? Only fools don’t put it in that compartment already.

  3. Cadillac is like the Catera with their Zig Zaging. First they were luxury cars, then sport cars, now back with being luxury with umbrella spots. Give me a break.

  4. My last 5…yes 5 Cadillacs since 2011 have had the “umbrella storage” in both front doors. My dealer also included 2 golf umbrellas and 2 foldable umbrellas all with the Cadillac script in all of my Cadillacs.

    Maybe Mary should concentrate on bring back an affordable full size luxury Cadillac to the United States instead of focusing on China and the $200K+ hand built Cadillac. I know that I’m not interested in a made over Malibu with no back seat room for my next car. Notice CAR…not an SUV, CUV, pickup or EV.

    GM is driving us away as customers and having us look at the BMW, Mercedes (pay an additional $2K+ for a leather interior or get vinyl), Lexus (Ugh…ucking fugly) Genesis or what ever we can find as a full size luxury sedan.

    • I could not agree more with Quick Silver 1, I have said almost the exact same thing many times. If Cadillac wants to maintain it current customer base, they need to build a “Reasonably” priced luxury sedan. I’ve owned 18 new Cadillacs, but may be forced to consider Mercedes, BMW or Audi in 2023, to replace my 2020 CT6.

    • Seems worth clearing up things from that comment.

      There are 2 announced Cadillac EVs. The Lyriq will not be $200k, that’s Celestiq. Cadillac does not offer a pickup. The CT5 is NOT a made over Malibu, stating so is ignorant.

      Hey, I also wish GM made to my preferences.

      • I realize that the Lyriq is supposed to be base priced at around $60K, but is is a cross over, not a luxury sedan. When you look at the spec between the Malibu and the CT5 they are darned close. I had a new CT5 Premium Luxury as a loaner from my dealer and was not impressed to say the least.

        GM wants us to be in their profit leaders which are their SUV, CUV and pickups. The hand built Celestiq is great, but the folks who have been purchasing Cadillacs for $60-80K (my 2020 CT6 stickered at $79K, my 2017 CT6 stickered at $73K, my 2013 XTS was $67K) will be looking for a CAR forcing us to look elsewhere.

        Remember the Cadillac EXT that was marketed as a luxury SUV and pickup all in one failed miserably.

        • Regarding to your last sentence, the EXT sold well and it was discontinued in ’13 because no one was interested in it anymore.

          The EXT and Avalanche were more of a fad than actual work trucks with a shorter bed. For a faddish vehicle that started life in ’01 as a ’02 was not bad considering how popular the second generation Escalade was at that time.

  5. Cadillac will be joining DeSoto in the great junk yard of the sky.

  6. I guess they think that for over 100 years. Drivers wouldn’t know where to put their umbrellas!

  7. My 1930 Cadillac came with an umbrella pocket and an umbrella to go in it.


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