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Poll: Should Cadillac Offer A CD Player?

Poll: Should Cadillac Offer A CD Player?

Cadillac is racing towards a tech-heavy future, offering cutting-edge features like the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver assist system, as well as electric propulsion systems with vehicles like the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq crossover. That said, there may be an argument to be made for offering something a bit more outdated – for example, what about a CD player?

As of this writing, there isn’t a single new Cadillac model that offers a CD player. The expectation is that customers are bringing their own media with them via their smartphone, and thus, the focus is connecting that media to the onboard infotainment system, either over Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or a cable. However, for those folks who don’t want to use their phone (or perhaps don’t even own a smart device), a CD player may be a preferable option.

Cadillac Society has received several comments and messages from readers complaining about the lack of a CD player in their modern Cadillac.

“A tremendous dislike and disappointment because I cannot enjoy the vehicle as I really like is the inability to play my extensive collection of music CDs,” writes XT6 owner Donna. “A car with 14 speakers is designed to sound great but not this car because there is no CD player made to install and there is no factory installed version in this vehicle.”

“When will Cadillac put back the CD players in the vehicles?” Asks XT5 owner B.R.T. “My last purchase was an SRX that had it… disappointed to find out my 2021 XT5 doesn’t have it.”

“I would have liked to have the option for a CD player,” writes CT6 owner Glenn. “I realize many use their phone for music but I still want to play my CDs on this Bose Panaray system.

So then, we know that there are definitely some Cadillac owners out there that want the option for a CD player. The question is, should Cadillac offer such a thing?

For example, one simple solution could be a glove-box mounted CD player offered as an accessory, which would definitely be appreciated by buyers like Donna, BRT, and Glenn..

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.


  1. I last had a CD player in my 2010 Chevy Equinox, plus it had a hard drive buried somewhere in the car. I could load hundreds of complete CDs and then select any song or CD through the radio faceplate. Funny thing is that Chevy only offered this on the up-level model for the 2010 model year. I would love to have this on my 2021 XT6 Sport!

  2. Yes. But, they won’t listen. It adds cost, which is a sin in the car business. They don’t listen to anything anyone wants, especially when it’s printed here.

    • They did offer a glove box mounted cd player as a factory accessory for the CT6. I purchased and installed one in my 2016 CT6 and it works great.

  3. My ’98 Eldorado has a CD player in the Bose radio in the dashboard and another ten(?) CDs in the trunk that play through that. Certainly did not take any space on the dashboard and the cost, when you are talking about the price of these cars is not a deal breaker.
    My XTS has the CD player in the glove compartment and even the salesman commented on that. I think it holds four CDs, but I have never used it. I get in the car to drive, not fiddle with the sound system near the passenger seat.
    But I see the vote right now is 100% to 0% for a CD player. The people speak!

  4. If they offer a CD then in all likelihood they would need to incorporate a storage area for them. Speaking for myself. I feel using Sirrus is more than adequate for my listening needs.

    • Sirius XM is compressed audio while regular CD’s are not and will have much better fidelity. It would be nice if there was an option for a CD unit somewhere like a previous poster mentioned. I also had Eldorado’s that had the 10 disc trunk unit and those worked fine. But those types of things are not being made anymore but surely a simple one disc unit could be made to utilize a USB port if GM wanted to.

  5. I have a very large collection of CD’S that I cannot play in my vehicle!! I am not tech saavy and would welcome a cd player back in the vehicle! Infact, that would help me make my mind up when my next vehicle purchase or lease would be due! I really miss the cd player!!! Not everyone wants to play music thru the other systems,and at least a choice should be offered!

  6. Absolutely. I had a 2012 CTS V & it had a CDPlayer, and I could load & stir my CD’s. Loved that option. It also had ability to play back live music for up to 1 hour. That was great!! Bring it back! Plz.

  7. The only thing that I don’t like about car CD players, is that sometimes the CD gets stuck in the CD player. I still collect CD’s because I like something tangible that I can hold in my hand and read the liner notes. I know that Blue tooth is the new big thing, but I like to feel in my hand what I’m listening to. And don’t get me started on. LP’s. Skip, hiss, pop… I don’t want to go back to the old days.

    • Yes,I have used the smartphone, but have several hundred CD’s

      • Meanwhile, your smartphone has access to (almost literally) all the music in the world, much more than several hundred CDs.

  8. I have approx 1,800 CD’s and prefer NOT to have to rebuy songs or record most of them onto portable media.

    CDs offer high-rez, no connectivity issues, monthly subscriptions, etc. Can always record a favorite playlist for long drives.

  9. PLEASE bring this option back.

  10. Unfortunately for you time moves on, especially with technology. How many of us have been stuck with VHS tapes, 8 tracks, cassettes, etc. It’s my guess that Cadillac is only concerned with the widespread use of current technology.

  11. Prefer CDs because the audio quality is not as diminished as it would be with most widely used digital audio formats.

    An glove box optical drive should be offered as a dealer-installed option.

  12. my Allanté 1993 has a cassette and a CD 💿 works and sounds great. Also my 2009 STS loads 6 CDS, and also sounds marvelous thru the bose system. Cadillac must bring back the day’s of old,offer the CD player in all their future vehicles as standard equipment. Furthermore, when ordering my two 2017, and,then the 2020 CT6 and 2021 CT5. Still not able to order a CD system.

  13. There are obvious benefits of having a CD player for sound quality nd convenience. People still buys CD’s, especially adults. So when new music comes out, withOUT a CD player you have to wait until you transfer it to a USB drive. I am sure people don’t mind paying 150 bucks (or whatever it would cost Caddy to build one into the car) when they are paying for a premium vehicle and a premium sound system. It’s a marketing shame …just look at the poll results, right now its 83% YES. But then again look at Caddy’s failure in marketing. They had THE best drivers compact sedan with the ATS (as stated by many auto reviewers) and the marketing was “grandma in the back seat being surprised that there is wi-fi built in”. All the hard work the brilliant engineers did on the ATS/CTS and THAT is what is touted instead of its BMW-beating driving characteristics.

  14. Seems some audiophiles have forgotten that the purpose of the car is to transport us from one place to another. Do we really need a CD player to make the trip more enjoyable?

    • What??? Of course! High fidelity music in cars has been one of the most important things to make driving enjoyable. Look at all the premium sound systems in cars that people are willing to pay big bucks for.

  15. I have a CD player in my ’15 Buick Regal.

    CDs are the best when it comes to quality music versus MP3s. You can get third party enhancements to make your MP3s sound close to CD quality but who has the time of day to do all of this: download, enhance filtering the MP3s and resave the enhanced MP3 from the original to a MP3 player or USB stick?

    If the dealer does not offer a CD option, you would have to go get in installation from an audio shop anymore.

  16. I think all SUV’s should have CD players and won’t consider replacing my current vehicle until a CD is available.

  17. Yes! I just wish that GM would make a CD player that would eject a CD. I’m old school. I like something tangible, that has a good sound.

  18. Dear Caddy,

    The lack of an installed CD player with 6-8 capacity cds, would
    be a *deal breaker* for me. It should at least be an option on
    a car this expensive. Over the past several decades, I have accumulated dozens of CDs with my *favorite* music, and I know
    that smartphones have a lot of neat features, I just don’t want
    that additional clutter in my life at this time.

    No CD….no Caddy.


    Warren W


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