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Artist Renders Chevrolet Corvette-Based Cadillac Sports Car

Artist Renders Chevrolet Corvette-Based Cadillac Sports Car

Cadillac’s performance future looks bright thanks to the impending debut of the 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing, followed by the high-performance Escalade as well as a bevy of electric models. But what if Cadillac decided to go more exotic and move the engine behind the cabin? That would create a mid-engine Cadillac sports car and today’s we’re getting a taste of exactly that with the following rendering.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 above, mid-engine Cadillac sports car below.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 above, mid-engine Cadillac sports car below.

Coming to us from digital artist Oscar Vargas, who recently posted the rendering on his Instagram feed (@wb.artist20), this mid-engine Cadillac sports car is based on the all all-new Chevrolet Corvette C8. As both Chevrolet and Cadillac have the same parent company, General Motors, it’s not totally out of line to imagine something like the rendering we see here, although it does bear mentioning that no such vehicle is slated for production, as of this writing.

Regardless, this rendering does provide an interesting look at what a mid-engine Cadillac sports car could offer. Up front, we find the sharp, V-shaped headlamps similar to the units found on 2020 Cadillac CT6 sedan, which are drawn back along the fender line to lead the eye rearwards toward the tail. The front end also shows off with a polished lower grille section, as well as a lower splitter design that’s pushed forward on the nose.

The profile features a set of multi-spoke aluminum wheels with a polished finish, while the window line terminates in a pinched teardrop shape. The lower side intakes are ringed in polished trim and boast the V-Series badge.

Again, this Chevy Corvette-based Cadillac sports car is nothing more than an imaginative exercise, but given concepts like the Cadillac Cien from 2002, a mid-engine Caddy performance model isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.


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That said, we would have liked to see this rendering feature more unique sheetmetal. As it currently stands, the vehicle rendered here is just too similar to the Corvette.

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  1. A- it looks too much like a Corvette
    B- It has the same “STUPID” C-pillar design as the CT5
    I sincerely hope the Cadillac design studio can do better

  2. I’m sorry, but try again.

  3. The Cien looked superior in styling. This looks too much like the C-8 Corvette. The C-pillar design detracts from the car just as it does in the CT5 model. Thanks for the efforts since the idea is welcome to the Cadillac line-up.

  4. Go back to the drawing board

  5. I’ve seen Chevrolet Corvette models with more elaborate model identification than these Cadillac emblems. If you want to make Cadillac great again you must do a lot better than this example. GM must think the automobile public is dumber than it is and their miss-judgement is why sales are slip-sliding away.

  6. I’ve seen stronger emblem identification created for specific models of Chevrolet’s Corvette. This little emblem switch to convert a Corvette to a Cadillac shows how ignorant GM is regarding the car buying public. If they want to make Cadillac great again put some passion and product into the final concept presentation.

    • Charlie Barnett:

      For Heaven Sake! This is NOT a GM rendering!! Just some person skilled in photo manipulation.

  7. Well another problem, remember trying to make a Cadillac out of a volt and you got a ELR. That didn’t fly. I think a different look would help.


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