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2022 Cadillac DTS Sport Black Edition Rendered With Modern Style

2022 Cadillac DTS Sport Black Edition Rendered With Modern Style

The Cadillac DTS was produced between 2005 and 2011, offering classic four-door luxury in the cabin, and the Northstar 4.6L V8 engine (production codes LD8 and L37) under the hood. With upwards of 292 horsepower on tap, the DTS packed a decent punch back when, but what would a sporty version for today look like? To answer that, one digital artist has rendered this 2022 Cadillac DTS Sport Black Edition.

Coming to us from Instagram user @tuningcar_ps, the 2022 Cadillac DTS Sport Black Edition rendering updates the lines of the original DTS to be more contemporary, while also swapping the bright styling cues of the standard model for the dark, chiseled lines of a modernized sedan.

Up front, the fascia was redesigned to feature broad, horizontal slats for the grille, adding extra visual width to the vehicle. The lower bumper house L-shaped lighting elements similar to the 2015-2020 Escalade, which lead the eye towards a slim lower intake section.

Notably, the headlamps were reshaped with the same wedge-shaped, vertically-oriented housings as models like the Cadillac XTS and CTS, rather than the horizontally-oriented and drawn-back headlamps seen on the Cadillac CT4, CT5, and CT6.

The profile of this Cadillac DTS shows off new, larger wheels, which hit with a split-spoke design and black finish. The window surrounds are also finished in black, nicely complementing the black paint finish. The sideview mirrors now also sport integrated turn signal indicators. The Cadillac Crest graces the C-pillar.

Finally, the rear end of the 2022 Cadillac DTS Sport Black Edition was updated with black housings that neatly frame the squared-off trunk. The lower exhaust tips, now large, rectangular outlets, are once again finished in black, adding even more to the vehicle’s visual width.

It’s an interesting combination, and definitely lends the Cadillac DTS a modernized, sporty feel. But it’s worth noting that Cadillac has moved away from many of the styling elements seen here, including the treatment of the headlamps and tail lamps, along with the horizontally-slatted grille.


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  1. I never liked the DTS and that rendering doesn’t make it look any better.

    • I agree with you!

  2. Can’t wait

  3. This DTS is yesterday’s news. I rather see a rendering of the XTS. The XTS is a far better car than the DTS.

    • Drove a DTS for seven years prior to moving to an ATS. I really like the renderings. If a V series DTS existed, it could have looked like this. The Performance trim on that model came closest to making the DTS contemporary in style.

      • I want

      • That is a massive drop between cargo/passenger space and comfort between both cars. What was the reason why you bought the ATS post DTS?

        • Agree, my golf bag barely fits in the trunk of the ATS. I’m starting to miss the features on the DTS: automatic high beams, parking sensors, memory seats. The DTS was Lux III, whereas the ATS is Luxury, so different option packages. Repairs for the DTS were hard to keep up with so opted for newer model with better mpg.

  4. No.

  5. I would buy the 2022 DTS Rendering in a heartbeat. The rims and its black accent lends itself to me.


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