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‘The Beast’ Cadillac Presidential Limo Costs 53 Time More Than Average U.S. Car

‘The Beast’ Cadillac Presidential Limo Costs 53 Time More Than Average U.S. Car

The race to the White House is heating up, and supporters on both side of the aisle are coming out of the woodwork to plead their case. It’s an important election, that much is for sure, and it’s an important job, being president. Of course, with all that responsibility comes a few nice perks as well, including the Cadillac presidential limo. Also known as “The Beast,” this beefed-up slab of executive luxury didn’t come cheap. In fact, according to one recent report, “The Beast” Cadillac presidential limo cost 53 times more than the average U.S. car.

That’s the news from the British publication Motoreasy, which recently posted a rundown on the value of the cars appointed to various world leaders, as compared to the average price of the respective country’s best-selling model.

Photo credit Motoreasy

Photo credit Motoreasy

According to the report, “The Beast” Cadillac Presidential limo cost £1.2 million to build, or roughly $1.6 million at current exchange rates (10/21/2020). The report also points to the Ford F-Series pickup truck as the best-selling model in the U.S., with an average price of £22,424 ($29,516 at current exchange rates), which means the Cadillac presidential limo is about 53 times more expensive.

However, all that money wasn’t poured into a bridge to nowhere, as “The Beast” lives up to its name with a vast swath of equipment to keep the Commander in Chief safe and secure. Produced by Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, the Cadillac presidential limo is based on GM’s medium-duty work truck frame, and comes with an exterior style inspired by the Cadillac CT6. The body is covered in heavy armor and the windows are bulletproof, while the tires are reinforced with Kevlar. There’s also a fire-suppression system and onboard refrigeration packed with the president’s blood type. The whole thing weighs 20,000 pounds, with forward motivation sourced from a diesel powerplant.

While pricey, the Cadillac presidential limo isn’t the most-expensive world leader car included in the list. Check out the infographic below for more info on that.

Photo credit Motoreasy

Photo credit Motoreasy

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