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Here’s The Gift Sent To Cadillac CT6-V Buyers

Here’s The Gift Sent To Cadillac CT6-V Buyers

The Cadillac CT6-V had a somewhat bumpy road on its way to customers. While quick to grab the attention of buyers and critics, deliveries were consistently delayed, with the brand initially stating that the first deliveries in July of 2019. Then, in August of 2019, further delays were incurred as a result of emissions issues. It wasn’t until September that the first units started to arrive at dealers, roughly ten months after initial orders were placed.

As a result of all the delays, Cadillac was compelled to send a gift to CT6-V buyers who placed their order at the dealer. The gift was intended to tide over customers eager to get their hands on the large performance sedan, and included a numbered sketch of the vehicle and a letter from Cadillac President Steve Carlisle.

“In celebration of your purchase of the 2019 Cadillac CT6-V, and to show our appreciation, please accept the enclosed, limited-reproduction CT6-V sketch,” the letter reads. “This is one of only 500 prints of an original design sketch signed by the artist and designer behind the stunning Cadillac CT6-V. It is a small token of our unending gratitude for your order of one of the rarest and most significant Cadillacs of the modern era.”

The letter goes on to detail some of the CT6-V’s many features, highlighting things like the exclusive twin-turbo 4.2L V8 engine, a.k.a. the Blackwing, as well as the interior treatment and various performance parts. “Every inch was developed to exceed your expectations, mile after miles, year after year,” the letter reads.

The sketch is a stylized image of the CT6-V front fascia, which is finished in red and comes with a faded V-Series logo in the background. It looks like a fantastic piece of art for fans of the vehicle, and would look nice framed on an enthusiast’s wall.

To note, the CT6 and CT6-V were discontinued in February, which may make this piece of art even more valuable.

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  1. Since the art work you see was mine
    It is Ok to put the #33 back in front of the 500
    I had watched the intenet count down for the Jan 14 2019 noon order date
    I called my Cadillac sales person and gave him all my information during the count down. Put my order in on Saturday , which was put in to Cadillac on Monday. I had #33 out of 275 before Cadillac made 225 more

    • Thanks Anthony. We removed it for any potential privacy matters that could arise as a result of the number being on there 🙂

  2. I saw the CT6-V at the Detroit auto show and waited patiently for mine. It was well worth the wait! This car is outstanding in all aspects of performance, comfort and great detail. I own a C7 Z06 and this CT6-V is fantastic. Well done Cadillac!

  3. CT6 Platinum buyers waited just as long. Got my car the end of November. Why were we excluded? CT6 Platinum has a Blackwing also.

    • Dealer just told me this isn’t real? Bought mine and didn’t get one?

      • Oh it’s real alright. It was only allocated for the first 500 orders.

  4. The only cars that got this picture were the 2019 CT6V , that came with the letter from the President of Cadillac along with a Blackwing card on the performance of the engine
    I got this in the mail addressed to me at my house from Cadillac President

    I am not sure what the rules are on this site .
    I can email the Dealer a copy of the above
    Not sure if this is allowed by the Society


  5. Alex

    I wish to make a correction as to what number my Cadillac CT6V 2019 is.
    Today, I received the official number from the designer himself , Brandon Vivian on official Cadillac card . I have number 170
    Not 33 as the picture stated. That must have been the number of the picture . Confused me
    I did email it to you just a few minutes ago
    You may post it if you like

    I do not know how to download direct to this site
    I do remember watching Mr Vivian doing a review of the car, then called C T 6 V sport at the New York Auto show a few years ago
    Also , You Tube reviewer, Red Line did a first look on that car also


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