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The Cadillac CT5 Has 30 Percent Less Cargo Room Than BMW 3 Series

The Cadillac CT5 Has 30 Percent Less Cargo Room Than BMW 3 Series

First introduced in 2019 at the New York International Auto Show as an indirect replacement for the Cadillac ATS and Cadillac CTS, the Cadillac CT5 offers slick styling, a luxurious cabin space, and the practicality of a four-door sedan body style. The CT5 also comes with a legitimate trunk space and enough cargo room to haul goodies to and fro, but how does the CT5 compare against its main rivals in that regard?

As it would turn out, not all that favorably. In fact, the CT5 offers the least amount of trunk space when compared its four closest rivals. When compared to the capacious BMW 3 Series, the CT5 offers a whopping 30 percent less cargo room.

Check out a breakdown of the cargo room for the Cadillac CT5 and its main rivals here:

Cadillac CT5 vs. The Competition: Cargo Room
Model Cargo Room (cu. ft.)
Cadillac CT5 11.9
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 12.6
Audi A4 13
Infiniti Q50 13.5
BMW 3 Series 17

As we can see, the CT5 is dead last in this comparison with regard to available cargo room. While the CT5’s figure of 11.9 cubic-feet isn’t terribly off the mark compared to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (12.6 cubic-feet) and Audi A4 (13 cubic feet), it lags behind the BMW 3 Series by a considerable margin. The specs are even more concerning when considering the Mercedes-Benz C-Class will come with a brand-new redesign next year, which most likely will include a bigger trunk.

The low available cargo room could be cause for concern for anyone looking to pull double duty with this four-door luxury sedan, or rather, any owner who may occasionally pile in the cargo in a pinch.

Nevertheless, the Cadillac CT5 still manages to post some impressive passenger room specs, so although the cargo room numbers might look low, anyone going for a ride should have plenty of room to be comfortable, both in front, and in back. For example, the CT5 boasts nearly 38 inches of rear legroom, as compared to the 35.2 inches of rear legroom for the Bimmer and Merc, or 35.7 inches for the Audi. 

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  1. The 3 series is as big as the 5 series from just a couple years ago.

  2. It should have been a hatch, but a low base price was more important. Well, can’t say it has a big booty. One reason I’ll be keeping my XTS longer.

  3. Took delivery of a CT5, premium luxury, in January. I can’t believe they do not have rubber placemats available for people who live in snow areas!!

    • When you say placemats, do you mean floormats? If so, I believe that all of the accessories have not launched yet.

    • Maybe you could use rubber plates and flatware in the mean time?
      Apart from that issue, how do you like your CT5?

  4. The CT5 is a generic little sedan that simply isn’t up to Cadillac Standards. I was going to order a fully loaded Premium Luxury, but changed my mind after reading what a couple of the car magazines had to say about it. I leased a 2020 CT6 instead. Its way more car than we need, but we love it and I just couldn’t get my self to drive that CT5 and after seeing one, I knew I made the right decision. I hope Cadillac finds a suitable replacement for the CTS soon because the CT5 ain’t it.

    • Keep in mind that the people who work for those “car magazines” seldom buy the cars they review.

      As for the CT5 being “generic”, it’s such a subjective statement that I don’t even know where to start. I, for one, don’t think it’s generic whatsoever. In addition, the CT5 is NOT and never has been a replacement for the CTS.

      • Word.

  5. I’m into week 2 with my ct5 really like it. It replaces my xts. Space in truck? golly I now will have to give up a 2×3 box.Also does BMW have rear fold down seats?

    • A sedan with a folding rear seat back holds a great deal. I had 2 first-generation CTS’s with this feature and never needed to move or carry anything that didn’t fit comfortably.

  6. Just to be clear, you’re saying it is not a truck?

  7. I agree with Frank, it is a cheap, generic sedan. From all the cheap, plastic pieces throughout the car, to the options it doesn’t have. God only knows when Super Cruise will be available, and the CT5-V+, oh, that’s right, they’re calling it “Blackwing” probably two years away……

  8. WHO came up with this asinine TWEENER thing????? I looked up CT5 vs BMW5 and they are essentially the same size! CT5 has more interior room. This is so stupid! Its like price obsessed GM is competing on base price rather than size class. Who else does this? I can see passing on a CT5 if someone want a car bigger than a BMW3 thinking it the same size as a 3. The now defunked CT6 makes the BMW5 and MB E look tiny but this TWEENER BS says that’s the CT6 competition. this seems totally irrational and confusing…

  9. +10

    I’m not drinking the ‘this is a 3 Series/C-Class/A4 competitor. It’s a cheapened alternative to 5/E Class/A6. And for it to be a bigger car yet have less interior volume than a 3 series isn’t a good look.

    And if a marque is going to execute this Tweener strategy, the vehicle should be class defining. This isn’t.


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