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New Cadillac EV Crossover To Be Unveiled In April

New Cadillac EV Crossover To Be Unveiled In April

Just yesterday, Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, hosted its annual analyst meeting in New York, during which the automaker discussed details of several upcoming all-electric model variants. Included in the discussion was confirmation that a new Cadillac EV crossover was slated to debut in April.

In case you were unaware, General Motors is stepping up its all-electric vehicle offerings with the reintroduction of the Hummer brand as a new EV pickup. In fact, GM has tons of new electric models in the pipeline, including a new Cadillac EV crossover.

Unnamed 2019 Cadillac EV crossover concept

Following a debut in April, production of the new Caddy EV crossover is expected to kick off sometime in the second half of 2021. The electric utility will be similar in sizing to the current gas-powered Cadillac XT5, and will compete with the Tesla Model Y.

GM President Mark Reuss also confirmed that the automaker’s first use of its next-gen electric architecture will be in a Cadillac model. The platform is known as BEV3, or Battery Electric 3, with the “three” indicating the platform’s third generation.

Cadillac previously teased its all-electric intentions with an unnamed crossover EV concept at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Although the concept was no more than a digital rendering at the time, it’s looking like we’re now just months away from seeing something in the metal and ready for production.

General Motors also said it would host an “EV Day” on March 4th, at which time more information on the new Cadillac EV crossover is expected to drop. Furthermore, Reuss indicated that Cadillac will offer mostly electric vehicles by the end of the decade, and that the new Cadillac EV models will have actual “word” names, rather than the current alpha-numeric naming convention seen today, with CT# for sedans and XT# for utilities.

Are you excited to see the new Cadillac EV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and rest assured we’ll follow this story as it develops. In the meantime, subscribe to Cadillac Society for ongoing Cadillac news coverage.

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  1. I also agree with you on the off road setting. I’ve leased a XT5 for three years and now lease a XT4 and all I ask for is a performance XT ??

    • I agree with you on the performance issue. I was looking at the XT4 and Lincoln’s MKC/ CORSAIR.
      Well i went with the H.P…. Just purchased a 2019 MKC Reserve. AWD 2.3 TURBO..285 HP. Its got the zip>>>>>>. Was hoping Cadillac was going to up the game with more HP for 2020.. But no luck there.
      The MKC is loaded, and a 2020 with comparable equip is tilting the scale closer to $60K…. Too much for those little guys. My msrp $50k(ouch) but didnt need anything bigger and the XT5/ NAUTILUS is a NO-NO With a 2.0 turbo…. Definitely not enough power and the 3 6 is $1K more for what was standard in 2019?? Naut. Goes to 2.7 Turbo…
      NOW YOUR TALKING… GM always weasled in the smaller engines.. REMEMBER THE PONTIAC FIERO??? Canned it when it finally came out with the bigger engine….. TOO LATE!!!!

      • You have the HP but you abandoned the EV purchasing. We who can wait longer will see the new Cadillac EV and probably buy one, making a better purchase than what you did.

        • Should have never stop with the ats-v what a ride!

  2. I think this is a great looking SUV, but I’ve read that it will replace the XT5. I currently have an 2017 XT5 Platinum and plan to replace it with a 2020 XT5 Platinum, when my lease is up, in September. I’m not ready for an Electric car…I hope I won’t be forced to switch brands after 40 years and 17 Cadillacs.

  3. You might have miss read that reference to the XT5. It was SIZE that was used as example.

  4. They where referring to SIZE when they used the XT5 as reference

  5. I have a 2017 XT5 and I am anxiously waiting for the EV version. Please be quick the Tesla Y is tempting but I would like to stay with Cadillac. Also make sure it has at least 250 plus of range and it is quick. Thanks

  6. Like someone else wrote, I’m not ready for EV, maybe never will be. But a new sedan, yes. The reviews and my first impression of the CT5 are weak. Is this why? All the development effort went somewhere else.

  7. Currently in a XT4 for a few years a $75 gift card from Lincoln if I test drove a Lincoln and I did. Did the Corsair and at there price point you get MORE vehicle versus the XT4.


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