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Report: Blackwing Engine Won’t Appear In Escalade Or CT5-V Blackwing

Report: Blackwing Engine Won’t Appear In Escalade Or CT5-V Blackwing

A new report claims the twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter Blackwing V8 engines will not appear in any other Cadillac products apart from the CT6 sedan.

According to Motor Trend, neither the next-generation Cadillac Escalade nor the upcoming Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing will feature the twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 motor. This is allegedly due to cost-cutting measures at Cadillac, which have been implemented as the brand struggles to generate significant sales in North America and China. The only Cadillac product that offers the engine currently is the CT6 and CT6-V.

The report also says both the Cadillac CT5 sedan and Cadillac XT6 crossover were going to be based on the Omega platform that underpins the CT6. Cost cutting measures dropped the axe on that plan, though, and the CT5 used an evolved version of the GM Alpha architecture called Alpha 2, while the XT6 tapped the front-wheel drive C1XX platform. The Alpha 2 platform was not designed to accommodate the 4.2-liter V8 and the C1XX platform can’t fit anything larger than the  current 3.6-liter LGX V6 engine under its hood – not even a twin-turbocharged V6, for example.

While the engine would theoretically fit under the hood of the next-generation Escalade, which will utilize the new T1 platform, GM apparently has no plans to offer it in the SUV due to cost. Instead, the Escalade may use the 6.2-liter L87 V8 engine. We also know Cadillac will offer a battery electric version of the next-gen Escalade with up to 400 miles of range.

It’s hard to say how accurate this report is, as very little information on the Escalade and CT5-V Blackwing is available at this time. The CT5-V Blackwing has been caught testing with a snarling V8 engine note coming from its quad-tip exhaust, but this could be one of the automaker’s 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engines, like the LT4 V8 that powered the third-generation Cadillac CTS-V, rather than the Blackwing. We’ve also heard separate rumors indicating the CT5-V Blackwing will receive a supercharged V8 engine rather than the Blackwing engine.

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Source: Motor Trend


  1. Unless Caddy starts to get with it, they will become extinct! Cost cutting, thats all I hear and it reflects in the quality of their cars. The reliability is not there and people are bailing out.
    My 2014 ATS only had 17 thousand 400 miles. Cam Shaft trouble, Transmission trouble,
    infotainment screen trouble, had to put a new rad in because of leaks. As my power train warranty was coming to an end, I ended my relationship with Caddy, and traded it. It was a darn nice car! Instead of keeping the models GM continues to ditch the models and bring on new models that have a lot of problems. BMW sticks with their models and makes them better. They may bring out a new model, once in a while, but the 3 series has been around forever and just getting better. The ATS brought me away from BMW, but after this round of trouble at only 17 thousand 400 miles, I think that is it. You see there are many more people like myself and instead of feeling great about Caddy, people are dumping them and not going back. This time I went for Japanese unfortunately. When you work hard for your money, pay taxes and get nothing but trouble from the car you buy, you don’t go back for a second round. Other auto makers from Asia are coming on strong now, and innovative, offering up power and great warranties, and state of the art tech. If Caddy just keeps cutting people and cutting back people are going to cut them . Look out for Genesis and Mazda, these guys are on the move. Genesis has taken some of the best people from BMW and other top brands to make their cars number one. Wait and see what they bring forth in the next couple of years. Mazda is a small company that can make decisions on a time. They are at the moment an undiscovered company, but starting to make a mark, and you can’t count out Toyota and Lexus. So instead of cutbacks Caddy needs to address reliability and back it up and bring out exciting cars that make you really want one, not just a CT6. By the way- the dealership gave me a CT5- to drive while my car was in for repair- on rough roads its just rattled like crazy. Too many chiefs at Caddy and they are cutting their own throats. By the way, every product I have had that was built in China really was bad! There are Caddys here in the USA that have been built in China, would you buy one?

  2. I think the idea that the CT4/ CT5 were both to be based on Omega is silly. Timing doesn’t seem right. Development of the post-ATS/CTS cars would have had to begin before Omega was finished. It may be that when the new VSS-R platform was green-lit the Omega platform was made “obsolete” and now some future Cadillacs will use the new foundation.

    As for the Blackwing, it seems a shame it’s being so limited. That is if the report is correct. Motor Trend’s reputation in these matters is spotty.

  3. You know Cadillac has been known for luxury power longevity. That did away with the Northstar engine that had power economy. People what a choice like that always had before. You have the steering wheel. People don’t like it. That what to choose what they spend your money on. European carmakers give what thay won’t. Men like zoom zoom you know. (FUN) I’m 74 young and I know I’m not the only one. Remember to listen to your customer it’s their money.

  4. With the Blackwing being so limited is its survival in jeopardy? Why would GM spend the money to develop this engine and limit it so that they will never recover their investment? I am asking some of you guys these questions because I know GM will never give me an answer or that they even know the answer themselves.

    • My personal experience with GM has never been good. I have left and gone back and left again and gone back. I like to try and buy American, however GM has a lot now invested in China. A lot of parts I hear come from China so it’s no longer a true All American Car. They build all the hybrid cars in China and ship them back to the USA. BOO! Their cars look good and with high output engines perform well, but it’s the reliability issue. Forbes placed them at the bottom, JD power said they were great. Having both a premium ATS with the 3.5 and only 17, 400 miles and my wife a chevy SUV both having issues the cars never should have had, we said goodby to GM again. Too many bean counters, and the sales are going down. They remind me of the three stooges only with more stooges. You are correct that it makes no sense to develop this “BlackWing’ and then not use it in every possible car or truck. It’s an amazing engine from the specks that I have read. I was waiting to see if they were going to place this engine in the new CT-5
      Sedan, no, they are not. Too much time has lapsed and too many people have had issues after the warranty has expired, plus, the general public view paying 90 grand for a Mercedes OK, same with a BMW and they will pay higher for a Porsche. GM wanted to be in that price category but people are not many willing to pay close to 100 grand for a Caddy. They depreciate like a rock.

      I was reading about the new C-8 Corvette. No one has one yet for real day to day life, but as one mechanic stated, you may see a lot for resale after the warranty runs out because mid engine cars are a fortune to fix and this car is aimed at the buyer who can scratch up enough down payment and get a loan. Most folks that buy Porsche BMW or Mercedes either lease them with really high payments or just buy it outright. GM wants the upper crust, they develop technology and engines that will best the German cars, but then find no one wants to pay the price. For 90 thousand you can get a Caddy Ct6 loaded or you can get a Mercedes mostly loaded, missing a few things. Most people will opt for the Mercedes. It’s the snob appeal of the BADGE in the namesake.

      Basically GM has lost who they are. Now Look at Mazda, rated by Forbes as number 2 in reliability. You can buy a loaded Mazda 6 with all the bells and whistles, it rides well, handles well, has good take off and ample power for every day driving. You won’t be short on power. It just won’t snap your neck back nor does it growl, but you can get a loaded good looking car at a list of 36 thousand for the top of the line Signature series, and the engine is no slouch. It’s not a BLACK WING but it does the job nicely.

      GM also cuts models which is bad. You don’t know if you car is going to still be manufactured in 5 years, then no-one wants it on the resale market.
      BMW for instance keeps their models and keeps refining and improving them.
      3 Series has been around forever as an example.

      GM is a company in flux. Their identity is suffering and they don’t know what to do. They are also bound by Union Rules which is also cutting into profits.

      Basically, they need to be the company that rivals he Germans but at much less cost. Genesis has stolen top people from BMW and Bentley and are bringing out cars loaded with tech and power for thousands below the cost of Mercedes and BMW, I drove a G-80 SPORT, two weeks ago. In my test drive there is nothing wrong with that car. The Twin Turbos do knock your head back into the headrests it has so much power. Its loaded plus the warranty, It can be a blast to drive and yet be refined. Mazda is teaming up with Toyota to raise their bar still bringing their cars in at a decent price.

      So, GM has no idea what they are doing. First they bring out the BlackWing and then have second thoughts if they are going to use it, and what car gets it. The issue for GM is THEY DON’T GET IT.

  5. The Blackwing is only available in the CT6 and now it’s dead. So the Blackwing was a Total waste of money just like the refresh of the CT6.

  6. This Alpha 2 must be incredibly tight in the bay if they can’t place an engine (plumbing. electrical, etc.) that is two liters smaller in displacement. CTS-V3 chassis is Alpha and somehow it has a wet sump LT4.

    The decision makers at Cadillac can’t justify the price (~$80k?) they want to sell the CT5-V ‘plus’ unless it packs literally every technological goodie the brand has available. To include LTA.


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