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Cadillac XT4 Platinum Package Under Consideration

Cadillac XT4 Platinum Package Under Consideration

Currently, the Cadillac XT4 does not offer a Platinum Package. However, the luxury automaker is currently considering such a package for the compact luxury crossover, sources familiar with plans for the vehicle told Cadillac Society.

Previously, Cadillac offered Platinum models via a standalone trim level. While this is still the case for the Cadillac Escalade SUV and Cadillac CT6 sedan, other models take a new direction with regard to Platinum. On all new models, Cadillac offers Platinum as a package for Premium Luxury and Sport trim levels, and this strategy could spread to the Cadillac XT4 in the near future.

Moving Platinum over to a package, as opposed to a standalone trim level, helps to increase the flexibility of the content associated with the package, since it doesn’t force customers into a specific trim level. Instead, customers can pick the trim level and associated styling elements, and add the Platinum package to that model.

The Platinum Package is currently offered on the Cadillac XT6, XT5 and CT5. On the XT6, for example, the Platinum package adds the following features:

  • Semi-Aniline leather seating for every row
  • A leather-wrapped instrument panel, console, and door trim
  • Microfiber sueded headliner
  • Front and rear premium carpeted floor mats
  • Real-time damping suspension chassis and performance suspension*
    • This feature is only offered on the Platinum Package for the Premium Luxury trim level, as the Sport trim level already equips both of these two items

Sources tell us that Platinum Package content being considered for the Cadillac XT4 will include additional features and new technology. To that latter point, we hear that the crossover may also get new V2X tech.

For those readers drawing a blank, V2X is an acronym that stands for “vehicle to everything,” which is an emerging technology whereby a vehicle uses digital communication to connect to other vehicles (V2V), the surrounding infrastructure (V2I), or a number of other systems, all with the intention of offering the driver additional infotainment opportunities, greater efficiency, or enhanced safety.

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  1. I think it will be a case of “too little too late”.

    • Why?

      Too late for what?

      The XT4 does well. I think offering such a package will make it more appealing to more customers.

      • When the XT4 finally came to market it was already LONG overdue (as in years overdue). When the vehicle was finally introduced it was clear Cadillac wasn’t shooting for segment-leading greatness, with interior design and materials more suited to a Chevy or Buick than a Cadillac. The icing on the cake is that the XT4 is underpowered. It’s nice that Cadillac want to now make XT4 more luxurious/premium with the Platinum package, but they should have offered that from the get-go (at introduction) when people (like myself) were weighing the pros and cons of the new vehicle. After a full analysis I ended up purchasing a competitor vehicle that offered greater performance, more features and a much better interior.
        So yes.. for me the XT4 was a case of too little too late, and the same can be said for the Platinum package they’re considering.

        • While some characterize the XT4 as being “too little, too late”, the vehicle is flying off dealers lots and is on its way to being the best-seller in its segment. So too little too late for who and/or whom?

          • ^ Alex, it’s certainly too little, too late for me and many others who chose to buy something else when the XT4 was finally introduced. In my case I bought an Audi Q5.
            Re your comment “on its way to being the best seller in its segment”.. what specific segment are you speaking of? The XT4 straddles the sub-compact and compact (aka “small”) luxury segments.

            • Bit the Q5 is much more costly and larger than the XT4. Are you saying you bought a larger, more expensive vehicle because the smaller, much less expensive Cadillac wasn’t on the market quite yet? The XT5 is the Cadillac competitor to the Q5.

              • The Q5 is not THAT much more costly or larger than the XT4. The Q5 is 183.6″ long, while the XT4 is 181.1″ long.
                At 189.6″ long the XT5 is in a different size category as compared to the Q5. As such the 6 inch longer XT5 is not the Cadillac competitor to the Q5 – the smaller XT4 is. I bought a slightly larger, slightly more expensive vehicle (the Q5) because the XT4 disappointed me when it was introduced… and I had been a long-time Cadillac fan.

        • Richard, yourepretty much spot on. Especially when the performance is being considered.
          The XT4 needs the 2.7L TURBO with the 310HP. That would be an engine strictly for the SPORT model, and possibly optional for the Premium Luxury model.
          I had a 2021 XT4 SPORT,loved it except for the performance.

  2. Is a pity that Cadillac not sell in Portugal..

  3. How about adding Value to the Entry a Level Collection, with the Moonroof Standard and rather then faux Leather Vinyl, have the “Entry” Collection come with a unique Fabric, that is comfortable, exudes Luxury and doesn’t compromise Cadillac’s historical position, remember post-Seville, the Cimarron, ouch! Myself, Less-Tech is better Tech.

  4. I come from a high horsepower family of cars. The xt4 is a awesome boulevard cruiser. 0 to 60 mph is not bad A 3700 pound car with 237 horsepower and a 9 speed tranny is more than adequate. If your looking for a race car then buy a race car

    • Sorry Mike, nothing wrong with an XT4 with the 2.7L TURBO with 310HP. That would be an ideal engine for the XT4 SPORT!. If you don’t want a race car(as you put it, then you and people like you can be happy with the 2L TURBO in the other 2 models. Some of us like to have a car with a little bit of guts and still drive a bit of luxury with it!


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