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The Cadillac Light-Up Logo Projection Is Definitely Unique

The Cadillac Light-Up Logo Projection Is Definitely Unique

It’s sometimes said that luxury is defined by the details. Take, for instance, this Cadillac light-up logo, which is projected onto the ground from beneath the vehicle.

Essentially, this feature lights up the ground with an image of the iconic Cadillac crest to provide the owner with an indicator of where to “kick” in order to open the hands-free lift gate (on SUVs) or trunk (on sedans). The logo is projected via a special lamp on the undercarriage, and the projection appears on the driver’s side, at the rear of the vehicle.

The images featured here show the Cadillac light-up logo being projected from a 2019 Cadillac XT4 crossover. That said, the hands-free trunk/liftgate feature (production code TC2) is also offered on the Cadillac XT5, Cadillac XT6, Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac CT5, and Cadillac CT6. The feature is not offered on the Cadillac CT4, at least not as of this writing. Utilities (XT4, XT5, XT6 and Escalade) with this feature are also equipped with a power liftgate, which also includes a  programmable memory feature.

The complete availability of the Cadillac light-up logo feature is listed in the following table.

Cadillac Branded Projection Light Availability - 2020 Model Year
XT4 Standard on Premium Luxury and Sport
XT5 Standard on Premium Luxury and Sport
XT6 Standard on all models
Escalade Standard on all models
CT4 Not Available
CT5 Optional with package on Premium Luxury, Sport, V
CT6 Standard on Premium Luxury, Platinum, V

All told, the light-up logo isn’t the only interesting application of light and branding that the luxury brand is exploring. As we covered a few weeks ago, it’s possible that future Cadillac models will also feature a light-up Cadillac badge on the nose, similar to the light-up badging used by Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, and others. The fresh feature was previewed in rendering images of the unnamed Cadillac concept EV crossover.

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  1. The projected light-up logo looks nice. Luxury certainly does include more of such details. The light-up logo in the grill will also be nice, but regrettably, both features are already on other luxury brands. It would be nice to see an “electro-luminescent” crest emblem, such as the wreaths and crests on the C-Pillar of the 1989 Fleetwoods (front wheel drive models) that provided a subtle glow when the vehicle lighting came on–perhaps on the front quarter fender badges? It has been stated that cornering lamps are also included on the CT5–another nice lighting feature that should be added to other models, too. Another retro-feature for Cadillac to consider would be the fiber optic lamp monitoring system and it could be indicated on the console (such as in ’69-’72 Corvettes) and a rear lamp indicator above the interior rear window. It’s more of these details that will help to enhance the Cadillac luxury experience and help to win owner loyalty.

  2. Should be standard of ALL Cadillacs.

  3. My logo projection in the back stays on all the time.
    How can I turn it off?

  4. I have a 2020 XT 6 Premium, I just noted a light shining down on the ground under the back bumper, after it’s been parked in my garage for 2 hours. Is this something to be concerned about, thanks.


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