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2020 Cadillac CT6 Spotted With 800T Badge On The Trunk

2020 Cadillac CT6 Spotted With 800T Badge On The Trunk

We recently paid a visit to the annual Miami International Auto Show, and while we there, we found something we’d never seen before – an “800T” badge on the trunk of a brand-new 2020 Cadillac CT6.

This particular model is the Cadillac CT6 Platinum, which comes equipped with a twin-turbo 4.2L V8 engine (product code LTA). To note, this is the non-V-application for the ‘eight, which means it doles out 500 horsepower and 574 pound-feet of torque.

This new badge is an indication of the model’s estimated torque figure and aspiration type. The “800” is a nod to 800 newton-meters of torque, which is 574 pound-feet of torque converted to newton-meters (778 Nm) and rounded up to the nearest multiple of 50 (800). Meanwhile, the “T” stands for turbocharged.

As for the hot-to-trot Cadillac CT6-V, that model gets a high-output tune of the same boosted 4.2L V8 engine, doling out an SAE-certified 640 pound-feet of torque, 66 pound-feet more than the CT6 Platinum.

Caddy will adopt this new powertrain designation on all models going forward. Previously, we’ve seen it on a variety of other models, including the non-V Cadillac CT5, which is equipped with the twin-turbo 3.0L V6 (product code LGY) and produces 400 pound-feet of torque. As such, the CT5  gets a “550T” badge on the trunk.

The Cadillac CT6’s “800T” badge is the biggest number we’ve seen thus far with regard to the new Caddy badges. It’s also worth noting that, as far as we know, there are only a handful non-V CT6 Platinum in the wild, making this a rare thing to see at the moment.

The new powertrain badge nomenclature is designed to help Cadillac bridge the gap to producing all-electric models in the near future. Given an electric motor produces 100 percent of available torque at zero rpm, the move makes sense to identify each model based on that specific spec.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.


  1. It is great to see that Cadillac is using Metric units for the international market. I use and understand the Metric System as an engineer, but I am disgusted that the U.S. is the only nation that will not fully convert to it. Even Great Britain and the United Kingdom, where the Imperial System was created, is converting! Wake up, fellow citizens! we will continue to fall behind if the U.S> does not convert!

  2. Has GM announced where is the 2020 CT6 going to be built?

    • Since Hamtramck will remain open, and later accommodate the electric SUV(s), and pick-up(s) I assume they will continue to build it there, until such time they will decide to either…..
      1. Cancel it. (Really stupid)
      2. Move it to Lansing Grand River….
      3. Continue to build it at Hamtramck…

      The real question is…..
      Is the Escala going into production? If so, where?
      Will Cadillac commit to a CT7 Coupe? If so, when?
      Will Cadillac capitalize on the C8 chassis to build a mid-engine “flagship” Hot Rod. They would be stupid not to. Here’s why….

      The factory, and production line, are already in place. just tool up for a LUXURY “Vette” variant called …CS1 (Cadillac Sport1).

      There are already close to 20,000 C8’s pre ordered. This is GM’s hottest vehicle in a long time and the new Cadillac CS1 would bring traffic back to Cadillac showrooms, AND SELL!

      Add new blood to Cadillac’s supposed “Renaissance”….they need a Coupe, Convertible, and Sports Car. This would give them all 3……

      • I agree but the C8 is so good in every which way it makes the business case of the Cadillac version obsolete unless the Cadillac starts at a V Series, V-Blackwing (V-Plus) and electric as engine and motor options.

        • The Cadillac CS1, originally planned, was to have 3 variants……

          The 1st, the CS1, entry level, was to be a 4.5 TT 500-600 hp.10 speed TC, variant of the C8 in both H.T. and Conv., and including most of the technology features of the CT6 Platinum including Super Cruise, Panaray, all LED lighting, and luxurious semi-analine seats..( late2021)…$100,000-$150,000….comparable to AMG

          The 2nd, the CS2V, in both H.T. and Cnv., would be a 5.5 FPC engine, 700-800hp., 10 spd TC, CC brakes Recaro seating, more aggressive suspension settings, wheels, and rubber.. very much a 2 seat V (late 2022)…..$150,000+…comparable to Ferrari in many ways

          The 3rd, a luxury variant of the Zora, called the CIEN. Very limited production, around 100, FPC engine with twin electric motors, one at each front wheel, roughly around 900-950 hp. TC/WC, CC brakes, In effect an AWD PHEV but faster than everything sans maybe the Veyron. (late 2023) $250,000+ and a bargain at that….comparable to Lambo

          All three would be very distinctly Cadillac, and not Corvette, in luxury, and presentation……

  3. I got a survey from Cadillac wanting to know my level of satisfaction. Probably did not like my answer. I was hoping that the survey would give me an opportunity to give my opinion of CUE. It didn’t. I marked it as low as I could. I hope someone reads the survey.

  4. It appears, that it has the much more luxurious looking, Light Cashmere with Mocha accents, interior. It amazes me how much more luxurious this color interior looks in the CT6 Platinum, than the Black. There is absolutely no Black or Gray anywhere inside the car except for that perforated leather area around the Cue screen. You never see this color interior in those CT6 Platinums that are “tested” by those “idiots” on You Tube and they complain that the car isn’t up to the competition. I have this exact same color combo on my 2018 CT6 Platinum and I love the car…

    Interesting point,….I built out a 2020 CT6 Platinum and a CT6 V on the Cadillac website and the Platinum was $2000 more, and that takes into consideration that some things, like, illuminated trunk sill, among others, are an extra cost option on the V, and standard on the Platinum.

    They will not sell to many of these vehicles since the Platinum has a base price of $97,490 because it comes standard with the V8. The one I built was $101,680, and the V starts at $94,895, and the one I built was $100,295.

    The part I don’t get is …..why is the V “very extremely limited” when the Platinum is not? They both have the 4.2 V8, and the Platinum is more loaded. The V has a more limited Exterior, and interior color selection…..

    Yes, I know the V has 50 more hp. and suspension tweaks, but really…….

    • Is anybody seeing CT6-V’s (the elusive 600 or so) making it to DEALERS…I have been waiting…and waiting…the emission thing is over…the strike is over…or did I just get left off “the list” after getting reserved? Thanks, all


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