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Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury Spied With Production Grille And Lights

Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury Spied With Production Grille And Lights

We’ve previously showed you spy shots of the Cadillac CT4, but today we have our best look yet  at the upcoming compact sedan. Our spy photographer has captured the CT4 undergoing testing while wearing , headlights and taillights and, for the first time, a production grille.

We believe that the model we see here is the Premium Luxury trim level, as per the new Cadillac Y trim level strategy. That means that it’s one step above the base Luxury trim level, while creating a luxurious character for the vehicle defined by chrome body accents, lavishly-designed multi-spoke wheels, and a softer ride.

The focus on bright, chrome body accents can be seen right away at the front with the new grille, which features the same Bright Galvano finish as the new Cadillac XT6, XT4, and CT6 – all of which follow the luxury automaker’s new Y trim level structure.  Another element that serves to give away that this is the Premium Luxury trim are the wheels, which feature a double-five-spoke design, with each of the double spokes splitting off into two – thereby creating a four-spoke appearance as they contact the rim.

Out back, one element serves as the tell-tale sign that we’re looking at the Premium Luxury trim. That element is the red lens cover.  By comparison, Sport models would feature tinted neutral-density (clear) taillight lenses.

The vast amounts of camo on this CT4 Premium Luxury prototype makes it difficult to see other trim-specific elements, but we’d bet that beneath it all, we would also find Bright Galvano finish on the side window moldings and body line, along with a unique front fascia with a healthy level of shiny chrome. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see a suspension tune that’s softer, rather than sporty.

Expect the Cadillac CT4 to launch at the end of the 2019 calendar year as a 2020 model. It will be positioned as a C-segment entry to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Audi A3 range, and BMW 1/2 Series. In that regard, the CT4 will be the only model in its segment on a rear-drive platform.


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  1. Love the way the rims look on this car. The car for the luxury-minded who prefer luxury over sportiness, although this car will be plenty sporty for those who like to play every once a while.

  2. It looks more like a sedan version of the XT4. The multiple-spoke wheels are terrible to clean. I prefer simple five spoke wheels. As for the power train options, I expect a electric model in the future.

    • It’s very much different from the XT4… look at the dash to axle ratio on the CT4 (longer) vs. the XT4 (much shorter).

      The multi-spokes will only be on the luxury and/or premium luxury models. Sport models will get 5-spoke wheels.

  3. I have a feeling this car is going to disappoint as much as the CT5. If Cadillac doesn’t market these two any better than they did the ATS/CTS, they won’t sell any better…….nothing groundbreaking here.

    It’s sad that Cadillac STILL doesn’t get it. You need to be BETTER than your competition to compete in the segment. Two clean sheets of paper, to ho hum cars that are Escala wannabes………….


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