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Auto-Dimming Driver & Passenger Mirrors Confirmed For 2019 Cadillac XT4

Auto-Dimming Driver & Passenger Mirrors Confirmed For 2019 Cadillac XT4

The 2019 XT4 is Cadillac’s first-ever compact crossover that also introduces various firsts, including a new 9-speed transmission, rotary tactile controls for the infotainment system, as well as an electric brake booster. Another notable, yet perhaps minor, feature introduced on the 2019 Cadillac XT4 are auto-dimming exterior mirrors on both sides of the vehicle, as opposed to only on one side. 

The Problem

Auto-dimming exterior mirrors are nothing new in the automotive world. Simply put, auto-dimming glass automatically dims when being hit by a light source, which most times is emanated by a following vehicle. The feature improves and elevates the driving experience, while making driving safer by eliminating potential distractions and vision discomfort since light is not reflected directly into the cabin or into the eyes of the the driver and/or passengers, but is contained by the auto-dimming mirror instead. So, auto-dimming mirrors prevent the car behind you from blinding you or your passengers. In other words, auto-dimming mirrors are a good thing that are wanted and appreciate by drivers.

And that brings us to the following melancholy and sobering factoid: most current Cadillacs have the auto-dimming feature only on the driver’s side exterior mirror, but not the one on the side passenger side of the vehicle.

In fact, this is the case for the ATS, CTS, XTS and XT5 models. The only Cadillacs to get auto-dimming functionality for both of the side mirrors are the range-topping CT6 and Escalade. All this is problematic for two specific reasons.

First, not giving the passenger-side mirror auto-dimming functionality deteriorates the driving experience and the driver’s comfort, since light from the passenger side mirrors is allowed to bounce (completely unobstructed) inside the cabin and oftentimes into the eyes of the driver. In fact, this author has experienced this situation many times in his 2015 Cadillac ATS Premium during three years of ownership, wishing every time that Cadillac included the auto-dimming feature on the passenger-side mirror.

Second, Cadillac’s competition from Germany and Japan adds the auto-dimming feature on both of the wing mirrors on an overwhelming majority of their vehicles (significantly more than Cadillac does), leaving Cadillac at a competitive disadvantage. It’s a tough pill to swallow for potential customers and current; owners alike, especially given rumors that the auto-dimming functionality was not made available on the passenger-side mirror as a cost-cutting measure.

Before you ask, an auto-dimming passenger-side mirror/ glass is not available in any way – not as an option nor as as an accessory – from Cadillac on the ATS, CTS, XTS or XT5. One could say that it’s a total bummer of a situation, and that would be rather accurate – since the aforementioned models are great cars and deserve a basic features like a passenger-side auto-dimming mirror. Luckily, things are;about to change.

Official Confirmation

Cadillac has officially confirmed to Cadillac Society that the both the driver- and passenger-side exterior mirrors will feature auto-dimming functionality on the 2019 XT4.

The change is notable since the XT4 – Cadillac’s most entry-level crossover – will have auto-dimming mirrors on every model and trim, thereby boosting comfort levels for the driver and occupant(s), while also making the model competitive with its rivals.

Order Guides Incorrect

Cadillac’s confirmation that the 2019 XT4 will have auto-dimming exterior mirrors on both the driver and passenger sides means that the information contained in the official order guide for the vehicle is incorrect.

For the sake of reference, the order guide states the following: “driver-side auto-dimming mirror”.

So there you have it: the 2019 Cadillac XT4 will feature auto-dimming driver- and passenger-side exterior mirrors. Remember, you heard it first right here at Cadillac Society.

The Cadillac Society Take

The inclusion of both driver- and passenger-side auto-dimming mirrors on the XT4 is a step in the right direction for Cadillac, since it shows that the brand is paying attention to the details, while not partaking in dubious cost-cutting measures that riddled the ATS and CTS lines and prevented them from reaching their true potential.

We’re certain there will be those who would prefer to opine that dual auto-dimming mirrors is an unimportant and frivolous detail. To that, we say the following: details such as this contribute to the overall customer and ownership experience on any car, especially on luxury offerings. As such, not having this feature while the rest of the industry has it is simply inexcusable.


The 2019 Cadillac XT4 launches in the fall in the United States, by the end of August in China, and by the end of the year in the Middle East.

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Written by
Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. That is a good thing that GM is beginning to realize this as an important feature on a luxury car when they should have had it a long time ago.

    Now, GM seriously need to consider soft closed doors, power closed trunk on midsize sedans and motorized headrests and thigh extenders to truly make it world class by a mile competitively.

    • Completely agree with the sentiment that Cadillac is finally beginning to pay attention to the details.

      In fact, if it weren’t for GM’s constant penny-pinching mentality that has resulted in its entire lineup (except for trucks and SUVs) being mediocre models that sell in mediocre quantities, Cadillac would already be much farther ahead than it is today.

      Coincidentally, JdN was a champion for making these kinds of changes and paying attention to the details. Here’s to hoping this won’t change with his departure and Mr. Carlisle.

      The soft-close doors and motorized headrests and thigh extenders should be on some models… but they need to get these features right from an ergonomic standpoint first before making them motorized. Heck, the thigh extenders on my ATS Premium are downright useless and extremely difficult to operate, which is not the case on the Audi, BMW, or Mercedes.

  2. They’re 15 years too late (IIRC my 2004 base Deville had driver’s side), but at least it seems to be standard on all levels and likely on all future cars (CT4 is ?).

    They had optional power trunk pull-down from the 60’s into the 80’s or later, and people complained when non-owners broke them by slamming. They also run down an iffy battery (I had to jump-start once and crashed on sudden ice). I’ve never tried soft-closing doors, but I don’t like them in kitchens, where they toughen opening.

    After a point, more power adjusters becomes gimmicky for the non-disabled, though I once thought a heated wheel was frivolous. How often do most people change drivers in real life? I would rather have more position steps or larger ranges than assists.

    70’s Cadillacs had an inside mechanical adjuster near the driver for both side mirrors, but a passenger-side mirror was an option on most models.

    I wish all headrests could be pushed further back, but lawyers. The seat bolsters hold you in the middle so the giant headrests can block your view when backing.

    • The soft-closing doors are much better than the ones you get with the cabinets in your kitchen. Depending on the implementation, they only catch the door during the “closing” movement… rather than during the “opening” of the door.

      About the headrests: yes, they’re big since they’re all about comfort. Cadillac eliminated the problem with the Rear Camera Mirror, which is truly a marvel.

  3. As an owner of a 15 ATS Coupe Premium I welcome the passenger mirror dimming. Also glad that power folding mirrors are available. Keep the improvements coming!


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