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Large Cadillac Coupe Rendered From Design Patent Images

Large Cadillac Coupe Rendered From Design Patent Images

Remember that sexy Cadillac coupe that surfaced in a recent design patent application? We liked it so much, that we decided to color in the illustrations in the patent application in order to get a better idea of what a production model could look like, and here’s what we came up with.

The more we spent looking and manipulating the illustrations in the patent app, the more we realized that the vehicle is significantly larger than a compact/midsize CT5 Coupe that we originally believed this model to be. Instead, the illustrations seem to depict a large coupe along the lines of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 8 Series. For the sake of sanity and simplicity, let’s refer to it as the Cadillac CT7 Coupe.

Before we go on, we feel obligated to tell you that the purpose of these renderings is to get a better idea of what the model in the patent application could look like, rather than to make the end-all, be-all representation of how the model could look like in the real world. So do keep that in mind as you scrutinize the images. Onward.

The front seems to draw significant amounts of influence from the gorgeous Escala Concept, albeit with some modifications in the lights, lower fascia and front inserts. The grille seems to be straight off the Escala.

The rear features the “boomerang” taillight design, also introduced by the Escala Concept and most recently implemented by the 2019 Cadillac CT6 refresh. The patent illustrations also had four exhaust outlets sitting in the middle of the car, and we made them more prominent in our rendering.

The side profile is most interesting, and was also the most challenging to draw. Notably, it was tough to figure out what to do with the front and rear lights from this angle. But the really long dash-to-axle ratio was instrumental in helping us come to the conclusion that we’re looking at a large Cadillac coupe, rather than a smaller model.

The shape also appears to have a resemblance to that of the Ford Mustang from this angle, but something tells us that the illustration is playing tricks on us, and that the car represented in the patent drawings will look nothing like Ford’s pony in person.

So, where to from here? Something tells us that the design patent application for this vehicle was not filed in vain, and that we will see the large Cadillac coupe at some point in the future. The real question is, will we see this beauty as a concept or in production form?

Coincidentally, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – the same venue where Cadillac unveiled the Escala Concept in 2016 – will run the final weekend of August, from the 21st through the 23rd. But as much as a concept would tickle our fancy, we’d much rather see Cadillac bring this model to production as a Cadillac CT7 or CT8 Coupe. Here’s to hoping.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. Clearly Cadillac knows something I don’t, but from a business perspective wouldn’t it be great to come out with something different? This will likely be terrific but the S-Class Coupe market is very small and if pricing isn’t dead on, why buy it when one can buy the S Coupe? Why compete where there is so little to market and is it prestigious to come out with another car no one wants to buy? I still say a new Coupe that is “life size” one that is usable for 4 adults with a usable back seat and trunk will find significant appeal and sell. A CTS size, not a 2 door CTS, but a Personal Luxury / Specialty Coupe. There was once a market for 2 door luxury coupes in all sizes but they quit building one’s people wanted to buy and today no one builds a usable 2 door Luxury Coupe. The ATS Coupe is too small and the previous CTS Coupe was too radical… Look at my cover image and profile photo they’re a CTS and CT6 Coupe’s, both look terrific and I’d love to buy either and bet they’d sell in volumes equal to or greater than this new Coupe with substantially less development cost.

    • “Why compete where there is so little to market”

      Two reasons:

      1. Image: there is a significant amount of upside to be gained from having this kind of a vehicle in the lineup. People notice it, and people take notice. It elevates brand image almost instantly… something Cadillac needs pretty desperately. It’s the text-book example of the halo product effect.
      2. Profits: bit, fat, huge profits. The amount of units that need to be moved to make a very healthy profit is great.

      So a vehicle like the one we’re talking about has a significant amount of potential to do really good things for Cadillac’s image and bottom line. It’s a win-win across the board.

      Those are the two biggest reasons right there. It’s why Mercedes has done a two-door variant of the S-Class (CL, then renamed to S-Class Coupe) for the last three decades, and it’s why BMW and Lexus just entered the segment with the 8 Series and LC, respectively… and it’s why Audi seems to be planning on entering the same with the A9.

      That said, the sweet spot of the market lies in a car the size of the current ATS Coupe. That’s what people are buying. You might find that a vehicle like the ATS coupe is too small, but that sentiment doesn’t extend to the market at large.

      The best of both worlds would be a coupe variant of each Cadillac sedan… so something along the lines of an E-Class Coupe derived from the CT5. Here’s to hoping for that, too.

    • IF this CT7 DESIGN is grafted to a mid engine variant,it would set the caddy on a shared platform,to amortize cost!

      • Sure, but then it would be a completely different kind of vehicle.

        • It’s about time. Try to imagine what is going to be in Cadillac Showrooms this time next year…..

          NO Cadillac “V’s” of any kind. Three sedans, a CT4, CT5, and CT6. A CT6 V Sport yes, but NO “V’s”……

          The XT4, XT5, and Escalade…..

          Gone will be…..all ATS vehicles, including the “V’s” and the Coupe. The CTS, including the “V”. The XTS.

          Cadillac will be loosing 7 vehicles, and gaining “3”….

          I don’t know how they intend to double sales with that line-up.

          They have already said the CT5 “V” will follow the CT5 in “24 MONTHS”….that’s 2021….a 3 year hiatus with no “V’s”

          I fear that with deNysschen gone, so is Cadillac’s vision for the future.

          Mark Reuss has so many jobs at GM…i.e. Executive Vice President of GM, President of Global Product Group, and President of Cadillac. That’s 3 separate jobs….

          Steve Carlisle, who has no vision for Cadillac’s future development, at least I haven’t seen any, is President of Cadillacs day to day operations. He, and Sam Basile, who leads global portfolio planning for Cadillac, now report to Reuss….

          This means any time a decision is made at Cadillac, it has to go through a chin of command. Like something as simple as adding a new exterior color. This could take months, with meeting after meeting.

          There is definitely no vision for the future at Cadillac ny longer. They cancelled the XT8, that was to be built on the Omega chassis because they (Reuss, Ammann, Bera) said it would be too costly….Amazing!…..and one of the reasons Reuss and deNysschen couldn’t get along…

          How costly is it to build a chassis (Omega) for ONE vehicle (CT6). How costly is it to have a committee making a decision where one person did it before…..

          The vision is gone and in it’s place we have bean counters and ineptitude……

          • Our kids are grownups now and what did not want to be around old people who wants a
            Maybe a four seater

  2. Good exercise. Since I saw the patent images (thanks for bringing us the scoop) I thought it was a big car, and in your representation of the side with well defined wheels this is much better appreciated.

    It will be interesting to discover more about this car. I hope it materializes in a production model, its design is certainly sexy and very well proportioned.

    I was also thinking about the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. I would like to see a concept of one of the next SUVs, maybe the Escalade to celebrate the 20 years since its arrival in 1998 (and was presenting just in that same Monterrey event).

  3. Do coupes sell in China?
    This must be for Camaro/Mustang owners, who are used to tiny windows, and Corvette owners whose knees/hips are tired.
    The antenna tells me it isn’t a concept or show car, unless they’re fooling us, though I wonder if the tiny lights can be legal.

    If they could build a large, nice-looking hardtop convertible, that would be the best option. Second would be a pillarless coupe with a large sunroof, third a targa top. None of that’s happening here.

    This looks like a hatchback (line beside back window edge, no line below spoiler), which would have to have a pillar and would make the back seat toddler-sized.

    There’s another interesting line behind the side windows on the patent app. Chrome trim? I wish they’d bring the hood opening all the way to the grille.

    • Completely agree: If they could build a large, nice-looking hardtop convertible, that would be the best option. Second would be a pillarless coupe with a large sunroof. None of that’s happening here.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/pin/460070918180413937 Recently saw this… someone built my dream car…ugh!

  4. salivates uncontrollably*

  5. The China market is not the U.S. market. A coupe won’t work because this is market has a different dynamic, one in which those who can afford the car can also afford a driver and luxurious backseats are the desirable feature. U.S. is different. I live in a relatively affluent area and I’m constantly pissed off by the number of MB C-Class and S-Class, BMW 2/4/6, Audi A/S-4/5 coupes and convertibles driven by the ladies and gentlemen of a certain age to their tennis and golf and country clubs. I see 8-10 per day within a five mile radius of my home. Cadillac got close with the CTS and ATS coupes and the (on-the-same-Alpha) platform Camaro convertible. So what happened to and where is the 2020 version of the Coupe de Ville and Convertible and the Eldorado Cpe & Conv?

  6. CT7 I’m ready to trade my CT5 for that fine coupe. I trade every 2-3 yr. But have missed finding a coupe

  7. I’m 76 years old and I’m running out of time to find a full size luxury coupe. I had a 2015 ATS coupe, loved the design but it was just too small. Presently have a 2019 XT5, great luxury SUV but not what I really want. Considering an S3, BMW 8 or even an Audi S5. The S3 is being discontinued, BMW may go with that ugly front grille and Audi isn’t really putting too much luxury in the S5 coupe. My wish is for Cadillac and Lincoln to go at it for the Luxury Coupe market with an Eldorado coupe and a Mark 12 (?) Continental.

  8. Bring back the CT6. That car was LUXURY.


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