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Cadillac CT6 Sales Decrease 19 Percent To 2,427 Units In Q2 2018

Cadillac CT6 Sales Decrease 19 Percent To 2,427 Units In Q2 2018

Cadillac CT6 sales increased in China and decreased in the United States, Canada and South Korea in the second quarter of 2018.

Cadillac CT6 Sales - Q2 2018 - United States

In the United States, Cadillac CT6 deliveries totaled 2,427 units in Q2 2018, a decrease of about 19 percent compared to 2,993 units sold in Q2 2017.

In the first six months of the year, CT6 sales decreased about 9 percent to 4,894 units.
MODEL Q2 2018 / Q2 2017 Q2 2018 Q2 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018 YTD 2017
CT6 -18.91% 2,427 2,993 -9.32% 4,894 5,397

Cadillac CT6 Sales - Q2 2018 - Canada

In Canada, Cadillac CT6 deliveries totaled 71 units in Q2 2018, a decrease of about 30 percent compared to 102 units sold in Q2 2017.

In the first six months of the year, CT6 sales decreased about 30 percent to 121 units.
MODEL Q2 2018 / Q2 2017 Q2 2018 Q2 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018 YTD 2017
CT6 -30.39% 71 102 -30.46% 121 174

Cadillac CT6 Sales - Q2 2018 - South Korea

In South Korea, Cadillac CT6 deliveries totaled 133 units in Q2 2018, a decrease of about 23 percent compared to 172 units sold in Q2 2017.

In the first six months of the year, CT6 sales increased about 8 percent to 319 units.
MODEL Q2 2018 / Q2 2017 Q2 2018 Q2 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018 YTD 2017
CT6 -22.67% 133 172 +8.14% 319 295

Cadillac CT6 Sales – Q2 2018 – China

Cadillac CT6 sales increased 49 percent to 3,700 units in China during the second quarter 2018. The automaker did not provide any further information regarding CT6 sales in China.

The Cadillac Society Take

The CT6’s second quarter 2018 sales performance enables the model to remain in third place in its competitive set in terms of sales volume in the United States, a total of 1,433 units behind the Mercedes-Benz S-Class segment best-seller and 269 units behind the Lexus LS, which has been completely redesigned this year. The CT6 did, however, outsell the BMW 7 Series, Genesis G90 and Audi A8 during the quarter. We should mention that Audi is currently in the process of launching the all-new A8, and sales of the offering are artificially depressed due to low availability.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Prestige Luxury Cars - Q2 2018 - United States

MODEL Q2 18 / Q2 17 Q2 18 Q2 17 YTD 18 / YTD 17 YTD 18 YTD 17
S-CLASS -1.91% 3,860 3,935 +11.10% 8,425 7,583
LS +195.94% 2,696 911 +135.53% 4,369 1,855
CT6 -18.91% 2,427 2,993 -9.32% 4,894 5,397
7 SERIES +7.81% 2,320 2,152 -3.17% 4,120 4,255
G90 -39.81% 632 1,050 -28.27% 1,616 2,253
A8 -56.68% 350 808 -64.02% 576 1,601
TOTAL +3.68% 12,285 11,849 +4.60% 24,000 22,944

The 19 percent sales dip experienced by the CT6 during the quarter lagged the segment’s 3.69 percent average growth rate, a turn of events that could potentially be related to customers waiting for the refreshed 2019 Cadillac CT6, which Cadillac announced in late March.

The revised model delivers a significant amount of new features and updates, including a new exterior design, 10-speed automatic transmission, new Cadillac Twin-Turbo V8 engine, and a new trim level structure that introduces Sport and V-Sport models, while giving distinctive personas to the Luxury and Sport equipment groups.

In addition, the 2019 Cadillac CT6 brings various updates to the interior, highlighted by new tactile controls for the CUE Cadillac infotainment system, an improved wireless smartphone charger, and an improved rear camera mirror, among other items. The 2019 CT6 goes on sale this fall, and one might expect to see CT6 sales pick back up at that point.

The full-size prestige luxury car segment expanded 3.7 percent in the second quarter 2018, and 6.4 percent during the first six months of 2018.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Cadillac CT6 Q2 2017 sales, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 77 selling days in Q2 2018 and 77 selling days in Q2 2017
  • In Canada, there were 77 selling days in Q2 2018 and 76 selling days in Q2 2017
  • China sales figures represent retail deliveries and do not include fleet sales
  • South Korea sales figures represent vehicle registrations rather than raw sales volume
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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. I think it’s unfair to compare CT6 to the Mercedes S. The price for a fully loaded CT6 is about the same as a base model S.

    • Yes, that is true. That just makes the CT6 that much better of a purchase. Way more equipment, features, and power. It’s fair to compare because you’re paying 90,000$ for a car either way.

      You could either have a Mercedes star with less equipment than a fully loaded Kia or a Cadillac with industry leading self driving capabilities, massaging seats, exclusive technology like the rearvision camera mirror, and most every other luxury feature people ask for.

      • What would you compare the CT6 to instead, if not for the S-Class and 7er

        Yes, the CT6 has a lower starting price in the vicinity of the E-Class, but the CT6 is a full size class larger than the E, so a comparison to the E is worthless, leading us back to the S-Class comparison.

        If you don’t get fixated on the difference in starting price but instead follow the demographics of the buyers for both models, you’ll see that those of the CT6 are very similar to those of the S-Class. In addition, you will see that customers cross-compare and cross-shop the CT6 and the S quite often. Both of these factors make the comparison between the CT6 and the S highly appropriate.

        But if you really want to get fixated on the price point, then consider this: the price of the CT6 with the new twin turbo V8 will be right in line with that of the S550, minus the Mercedes brand premium.

        And this brings us to the reason the S Class has a higher starting price than the CT6 in the first place – because the Benz doesn’t offer lesser engines like the 2.0 turbo or the 3.6L V6 NA that serve as the base motors for the CT6. If the S-Class offered these motors, its base price would be much closer to that of the CT6; although there would still be the premium of the Mercedes badge/brand.

        On the other side of the equation, Cadillac is not charging as huge a premium (margins) for the CT6 as Mercedes Benz does for the S-Class since Cadillac is the challenger brand that is looking to gain sales volume and share. Once it has established itself in the space, then I am certain that it will raise the price of future CT6 generations to levels of the S-Class.

        So really, the CT6 is an S-Class rival in more ways than it is not, hence the comparison.

  2. One other area where the CT6 excells is the technology of its design. The CT6 is roughly the same size as the S Class but weighs about 3,666 lbs and the S weighs 4,553 lbs. Thats 887 lbs of extra weight to move so the CT6 will end up being more efficicent probably more inspiring. With the new high tech V8 this car will be a very strong contender. I hope the new CT5 uses similar design technology as though I love the 6 its big and I just don’t need a car this big. Hopefully the 5 will have the V8 option and PANARAY…


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