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Base Model 2019 Cadillac XT4 Caught In Luxury Trim: Image Gallery

Base Model 2019 Cadillac XT4 Caught In Luxury Trim: Image Gallery

We’ve seen the 2019 Cadillac XT4 during its official reveal at Cadillac House in late March, and then at the 2018 New York Auto Show that immediately followed it. But we haven’t seen the compact Cadillac crossover in real life, until now.

The vehicle seen here – captured by Cadillac Society photographers while undergoing final validation testing in Metro Detroit – is the Luxury trim level (read: base model) coated in the Red Horizon Tintcoat exterior hue.

We can tell that the prototype model seen here features Luxury trimmings based on its front fascia: the XT4 Luxury gets a grille with bright accents and galvano surround, along with an all-black lower fascia insert. By comparison, the XT4 Premium Luxury gets the same grille but adds Medium Silver inserts on the lower front fascia, whereas the XT4 Sport sees a high-gloss black grille and a lower fascia with a gloss black insert. For comparison, check out photos of the other two XT4 trim levels at this links: 

There’s also the case of the turn signals: the base model XT4 does not have integrated turn signals within the mirrors, whereas the Premium Luxury and Sport models offer them as an option (part of the Enhanced Visibility Package).

Additionally, the headlamp cluster of this Luxury model has a rather short vertical LED light signature that stops about halfway through the headlight cluster, as the turn signal indicator (located below the vertical light pipe) uses an incandescent light. The XT4 Premium features an optional LED light pipe that runs the length of the headlight cluster and also serves as an LED cornering lamp and an LED turn signal indicator. The feature is standard on XT4 Sport models.

also doubles as a turn signal indicator in t. Instead, the vertical LED light signature ends roughly halfway through the headlight cluster, and the turn signal features an incandescent light.

Three other tell-tale signs tell us that the model seen here is the “base” XT4 Luxury:

  • Wheels: this tester is riding on a set of Bright Silver-finished 18-inch (45.7 cm) 10-spoke alloy wheels (production code PYV) that are not available on the XT4 Premium Luxury, and
  • Door handles: the door handles on this model are body-color with Satin chrome accents; XT4 Premium Luxury models have illuminated body-color door handles (which feature a small cutout for the illumination not present on the model seen here), and XT4 Sport models feature body-color door handles without either the Satin chrome accents or the illuminating feature.
  • The lower bodyside appearance features the same all-black finish as the lower front and rear fascias. Premium Luxury models are differentiated via a Medium Silver accent, while Sport models have a gloss black finish.

Despite being the base Luxury model, this XT4 is equipped with the longitudinal roof rails in a brushed aluminum finish (production code V6K), which are optional. Opting for the rails automatically adds the dual panel glass power sunroof (production code C3U).

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. Very sharp looking vehicle. More interested in critic reviews of this vehicle in the upcoming months.


    • Huh?

      The front end of the XT4 is completely different than that of the XT5… the two models are “much alike” by virtue of being crossovers with four wheels, lights, and a steering wheel… but from a design standpoint, they are very much different.


  3. Alex, any idea when the XT4 will be released to the press for testing? I’m curious to see what the motoring press had to say about this vehicle.

    • Dave – there should be a first drive within the next 90 days, if not before then.

  4. With Cadillac playing catch up it would be nice if they could try something new and make every model look great regardless of trim. I certainly get, “make the top of the line look like top of the line and base look like base”, but it would be refreshing, and wouldn’t cost GM to much to make very trim look great. This XT-4 looks dumpy and boring. It looks like they have left off the shiny bits… Cadillacs should excite and impress… yet only the top of the line has the look all their vehicles should have. The more things change the more they stay the same… disappointing.

    • With the bizarro craze in CUVs now raging, the XT4’s understated looks are distinctive and timeless (and not as boring as Audi & BMW. If it’s a success, they can change the black cladding and offer interior choices not dominated by black. Also Platinum and V-Sport models are needed.

      • Agreed but the bare plastics need to be painted in some way, this is a Cadillac not a Chevy or a cheap import. I mean what is the cost to paint bare plastics? To me that says “cheapo” and for Cadillac that should never be part of the conversation. This new entry into an extremely hot market should be a car everyone is talking about for its excellence… for goodness sakes do it right the first time.

  5. It looks good.


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