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Authorities Seize UFC Fighter Conor McGregor’s Cadillac Escalade In Dublin

Authorities Seize UFC Fighter Conor McGregor’s Cadillac Escalade In Dublin

Authorities towed a Cadillac Escalade that belongs to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor on Monday in Dublin, Ireland.

The luxury SUV was towed from the city center and placed in impound. It would appear that the reason for the tow involves McGregor not having paid tax, insured the vehicle, or both.

A source stated that McGregor was “partying with some of his pals in a nearby location” when the Escalade was towed. The two-weight UFC champion was not arrested in association with the Escalade towing, but he is currently out on a $50,000 bail bond after an altercation in April in the United States.

McGregor attended a UFC news conference at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for UFC 223 in April, despite not being scheduled to fight there. Video footage from the event seems to show McGregor throwing a hand truck through the window of a bus full of UFC fighters following the conference. Two people on the bus reportedly sustained injuries.

As a result, the 29 year-old fighter is facing three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of felony criminal mischief. The Irish native turned himself in to the New York City Police Department following the incident.

  • Above: a YouTube video shows Conor McGregor in his Cadillac Escalade

During McGregor’s arraignment hearing in April, the judge issued a protection order for several fighters involved in the incident, including Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa. The order requires McGregor to stay away from them, including contact via social media and other forms of messaging.

“He is captured on video surveillance picking up a chair and throwing it at the window of a passenger bus,” said the prosecutor of the case. “Two individuals on the bus sustained injuries. The defendant also throws a punch at someone who was on a security detail.”

In all, it would seems that the towing of an Escalade is the least of McGregor’s problems at the moment.

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