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Cadillac CT5 Spied Testing With Production Headlights

Cadillac CT5 Spied Testing With Production Headlights

The last time we saw the Cadillac CT5 was in February, and it was wearing placeholder headlights. Today’s brand new spy shots, meanwhile, show the upcoming sedan wearing production units.

A Cadillac CT5 prototype wearing placeholder headlights (February 2018)

The prototype model caught testing today still has a significant amount of camouflage, but the headlights clearly differ from the units seen on the car in February. Despite the heavy camo, we can see what is undoubtedly the new design of Cadillac lights, which entails a horizontal element spanning the grille that then sweeps up into the front fender before dropping vertically into the bumper cover, just ahead of the front wheel well. This design direction was initially previewed by the Cadillac Escala concept, and the first production models to implement the design are the 2019 Cadillac CT6 and 2019 Cadillac XT4.

It’s likely that the Cadillac CT5 will feature headlights and front fascia similar to the 2019 CT6 (pictured)

The Cadillac CT5 will ride on the Alpha 2 platform – the successor to Cadillac’s highly-acclaimed Alpha platform that currently underpins the ATS and CTS ranges, which the CT5 will replace. We believe the model will be closer in overall size to the CTS while being priced closer to the ATS.  We expect the CT5 to be unveiled some time in the first half of the 2019 calendar year and go on sale as a 2020 model before the end of 2019. Cadillac recently confirmed that the ATS Sedan will be phased out after the 2018 model year in order to make room at the Lansing Grand River plant for a future model, which we believe to be the CT5.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. I have owned 17 new Cadillacs since 1980, 5 of which have been CTS’. Although I loved them all, the 2014 and 2017 are and were the best ones. The size and style are perfect in my book. The two-tone Cashmere interior in the 2014 was very sexy. I was disappointed when I couldn’t get the same interior in my 2017. The images of the next gen CTS/CT5 look great, but please don’t make it too small. That car SHOULD compete directly with the E-Class Mercedes and 5-Series BMW. I think the current model does and I think buyers would cross shop CTS, E-Class and 5 Series except Cadillac Advertising doesn’t encourage it. In 2014 the CTS went head to head with the E-Class and 5 Series and was named Motor Trends Car of the Year, For some unknown reason Mr Ellinghaus kept it a secret. Only Motor Trend readers were aware. Being a retired Advertising Executive myself, I can’t image WHY !!!! Advertise the CTS as a competitor to the 5 Series and E-Class and the buying public will get it, they will cross shop and they will determine that the CTS offers as much as the Germans, but at a lower price. Cadillac needs to sell the “VALUE” in the CTS/CT5…just please don’t make it small.

    • Yeah, I hear you on all accounts, but it doesn’t seem like the CT5 will compete with the 5 Series or E Class head on. That might not necessarily be a bad thing.

      From what we know, the CT5 will straddle the space of the current ATS and CTS sedans in terms of size and price. So that would result in an overall exterior footprint slightly smaller than the current CTS sedan… anywhere between 191 and 193 inches in length.

      What the strategy seems to entail is straddling segments by offering more room for less price (your value proposition). So the lineup will look something like this:
      – CT6 – full-size sedan (slightly smaller than 7 Series, S Class) for mid-size sedan money (5 Series, E Class money)
      – CT5 – mid-size sedan (slightly smaller than 5 Series, E Class) for compact sedan money (3 series, C Class money)
      – CT4 or CT3 – compact sedan (slightly smaller than the 3 series or C-Class) for subcompact sedan money (A Class, Audi A3 money)

      – There should be another sedan above the CT6 that’s truly a flagship, and that will be: bigger than full-size sedan (Mercedes Maybach type vehicle) for full-size sedan money (S Class, 7 Series money).

      Let’s hope they don’t keep these cars a secret in general.

      • Alex, I appreciate your response and understand the strategy, but I don’t agree with it. I would rather a CTS/CT5 be the same size as an E-Class or 5 Series, but cost less and offer more value. As it is and does now. Sounds to me like Cadillac is creating a “Tweener”. I don’t like “Tweeners” and I don’t think consumers understand or appreciate them. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it as a successful position to be in. The lease is up on my 2017 in 2020 and I hope the new model is a car that I can live with and enjoy because the CT6 is too big for my wife.

        • Frank, personally, I completely agree with your take. Tweeners is exactly what they’re making, and one only makes tweeners when they can’t cut it competing head-to-head.

          The only way in which I can tolerate the tweener plan is by looking at it as offering more value in taking the “more for less” strategy. Key to the strategy is being successful in the 3 Series and 5 Series segments with one model – the CT5… I think they could pull it off if they position it correctly, as follows:
          – to attract 3 Series segment buyers, they need to position the CT5 as a better, bigger 3 Series
          – to attract 5 Series segment buyers, they will need to position the CT5 as being “as good as” the 5 Series, while making potential buyers wonder if an extra inch or two in space truly matters to them

          In that regard, the CT5 holds promise… and I think it will be a worthy vehicle if (and only if) they address the shortcomings of the ATS and CTS.

        • I completely agree. Cadillac unfortunately gave up trying to be a Tier 1 Luxury Brand which is unfortunate. All they had to do in my opinion is offer a proper 3 Series vehicle. The ATS is just too small. As great as it is, it cannot compete with the much bigger 3 Series. The All New 3 Series will be bigger still but nowhere near the size of the upcoming CT5.
          In my opinion Cadillac needed the following…

          CT2 GC (Upcoming 2 Series Grand Coupe)
          CT3 GC (4 Series Grand Coupe)
          CT5 GC (6 Series Grand Coupe)
          CT6 Sedan (Value proposition for 7 Series)
          CT7 GC (Proper Luxury Full size but be different)


          2.0T & 2.0TT
          3.0T & 3.0TT
          Diesel engines for Europe
          Have to drop the 3.6 GM Family Engine ASAP

  2. i agree, don’t make the ct5 too small, the current cts is perfect!

    • Folks, the CT5 will be smaller than the CTS… but larger than the ATS.

  3. Regardless, they need to make standard the magnetic ride system. I ordered it on my 2018 CTS and the difference is stunningly obvious. Even my salesman drove it to the showroom from the garage and couldn’t believe the difference. If Cadillac really wants to compete with European brands they must included the magnetic ride system. The car handles like my old 5 Series BMW more than any other CTS I’ve driven.


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