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Cadillac Doubles Length Of Free Connectivity Plan In Its Vehicles

Cadillac Doubles Length Of Free Connectivity Plan In Its Vehicles

Cadillac has replaced the OnStar Basic plan that it included for free with the purchase of a new Cadillac with a new plan called Cadillac Connected Access. As part of the change, Cadillac also doubled the period of time for which the plan is included – from five years to ten, Cadillac Society has exclusively learned.

Cadillac Connected Access enables the following services for free for a period of ten years:

  1. Keyfob Services that enable owners to remotely start, lock/unlock doors, as well as activate the horn and lights from the myCadillac app
  2. Vehicle Diagnostics that continually checks the vehicle and sends a report to the owner summarizing the vehicle’s health, issues, problems or recalls
  3. Dealer Maintenance Notification that sends an alert to the customer’s preferred dealer when the vehicle is in need of service or repairs
  4. Smart Driver that collects data on the customer’s driving habits and techniques (on an opt-in basis) and assists the owner to drive better, safer and more efficiently
  5. Marketplace that allows the owner to browse and download tailored apps for the Cadillac Infotainment System (CUE), such as the Spotify app

Along with the change in name and length comes one new caveat: Cadillac Connected Access is not transferable to other owners. Instead, subsequent owners will receive five years of the service from the time of their purchase.

The Cadillac Connected Access plan was introduced on 2018 model year Cadillacs starting on May 1, 2018.

Please note that the above information is for the United States market, and may differ for international markets.

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  1. My records show remote access is only available for 6 months with Cadillac. Where is the free 10 years? I don’t want to misinform anyone.

    • Let’s clear this up.

      When we say remote access, we are talking about the remote portion of the myCadillac app that allows the user to lock/unlock doors, sound the alarm and activate lights, as well as perform a remote start (on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions).

      Now, this portion has been included for free for 5 years as of 2015 and newer Cadillac vehicles as part of the OnStar Basic Plan. The 5 year period has been increased to 10 years as part of the Cadillac Connected Access, but these 10 years are not transferable.

      It seems that the 6 months period you are referring to is the length of the trial period of the full OnStar Guidance plan, which gives the user the above features PLUS adds the full OnStar suite, such as turn-by-turn Navigation (via OnStar), live advisor help, emergency services, and other parts of the myCadillac app such as vehicle status. These items are not included in the 5 year Basic Plan or its successor, the 10 year Cadillac Connected access plan.


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