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XT4 missing heated steering wheel

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    Anybody hearing anything about the XT4 missing heated steering wheel? Not getting much from Cadillac. Have waited for the promised Wheel now for 9 MONTHS!!Not happy.Long on promises short on delivering them😡


    I had heard that they put chips with lower capacity in the newer vehicles because that was all that was available. Because of this the heated steering wheel and the stop start option would be missing and because the chip was not going to be replaced these newer vehicles would be forever without these two options.


    Was told when I bought my XT4 in June that the chips for both the heated steering wheel and the heated/cooled seats would be coming in the fall. I did get a letter from Cadillac telling me to contact my dealer to arrange installation, which I thought meant the chips had been delivered. Turns out that hadn’t and I was calling only to put myself on the list for when they do arrive. I understand supply chain, trade imbalances with Asian or Pacific Rim countries, etc., but this is a 2022 model, which means it was manufactured in 2021. I’m thinking two years ought to be sufficient time for shipment regardless of supply chain issues, but I could be wrong given pandemic-generated problems. Since the temps dropped to the 20s here last night though, I could really use those chips.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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