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Thoughts on air filter replacement …

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    Well, I spent time today changing the engine air filter in my 2019 xt4 today …
    And I must say …. Doesn’t GM do a Masterful job in the Engineering Dept. At times …lol
    I swear I’m a retired music teacher and I could eat their lunch on design at times..
    1. We know it’s a pain in the ass because the whole filter box has to come out.
    That in itself was not as hard as I thought it would be …?
    2. The hardest part , for me anyway was figuring out how to disconnect the harness on top of the snorkel …. Turns out there is a red tap you pull back …. Then ( put your glasses on ) there is a small black tab, just behind the red one you slid out that you push down on … and bingo it comes off …! I never came across that type of connector.
    3. Now I bought this off lease with 22k miles, a real creampuff ! And someone had been in her before me. They cheated somehow getting the top cover off the box and the screw they couldn’t reach was left untightened …. fair snuff…!
    4. It actually comes out easy, pull up from the back , up from the front and comes out up from the Fender side. Then wiggle it out…
    I should have pointed out, I took the snorkel hose right off for enough room.
    Once it’s out, take a look at this thing, because if this is to be repeated you don’t want to break off any of those tabs !!!
    Got out my silicon gel lube, and gobbed some in the holes, and on the plastic box posts.
    There are 2 posts on the box and one post in the front that sticks up and pops into the Hole in the front of the box…
    The silicone gel I use on my swimming pool stuff and it has staying power !
    Anyway back out screws….They don’t come all the way out, just until you can get the top part off… put new filter in…. reverse , put screws in…You’ll get to all of them now.
    I should have said clean out the box with a rag while you have everything Part….
    I found a loose plastic push lock inside from the last Brainiac that worked on it..!
    5. Time to put it back in . Wiggle it around opposite what you did until it’s roughly in place . Look to see or feel if the back slot is lined up..look to see if the front tab is lined up and push down at those spots… With the silicone on there it goes right in.
    Then push down on the top middle near the Fender, you’ll feel that one pop in as well..
    6. Put snorkel hose back on …( I found a thin coating of the silicone made those slide on easy ) . Connect wire harness, it’ll snap, then slide red lock tab forward.
    Replace little plastic wire hold down back into its slot… And that’s it ! Whew !!
    That was just the engine air filter …!!!

    Now just what did I learn from all this ???

    I don’t know if the XT5 and XT4 filter enclosures are the same …. but it wouldn’t surprise me that they are, remember the XT5 came 1st… and having 1 inch less width in the engine bay some cost cutter said … Oh hell , use the same box, just shove it under the fender….!
    And even better …. Keep using Screws …. 6 Screws for the lid ….!?!??
    We could use 2 or 3 of those snap fasteners to modify it…. but why …???

    Hope this helps would be tinkerers out there … Go for it ! Cost me $20 for 2 gm filters !


    Thanks for the tip using the silicone, like you I was concerned how many times the box would come out before breaking a tab.

    2024 XT4 AWD
    Premium Luxury

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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