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SUV with no AWD option! Not as excited.

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    After a long wait, it seems that Cadillac decided to catch up in the market share before fully finishing a strong lineup of options. Namely, the AWD option. The focus on technology strated them away from an important fact. That SUVs are not only bought for the space they offer, but also for the capable power train.

    With every single competitor launching an AWD model, I think Cadillac should offer that option even with a delayed delivery schedule.


    I agree . I live in the Midwest and weather makes AWD important to me . May be its not offered so it will have extended battery life . Ive noticed that they plan on changing tire size on production model. I think it will change look to much ,not sure if Ill like it .

    Raymond J Ramirez

    Cadillac did announced that a AWD option is possible in the future, but you naysayers are denying the good news instead of waiting. Probably none of you can afford it anyway. So get your own luxury AWD SUV somewhere else. Let us true Cadillac admirers enjoy the Lyriq as it will be offered now.


    HEY Raymond, how many Cadillac’s have you owned or presently have? I’ve owned 6 and presently have 2 in the garage along with 3 other vehicles. Lyric would be my first EV. I’m sure GM people read these comments and use the information to shape new Models. By commenting we are trying to make these new vehicles the best they could be . You always seem to view these comments as negatives. By being involved with this forum we are showing our interest in this vehicle. Please refrain from commenting on people’s ability to pay for a vehicle .They can still be interested. Personally I’m fortunate enough to buy any vehicle I want but I am intrested in this one

    Hans Cadillac

    Well, after all, we live in The Netherlands. There are no mountains over here. Some dunes, yes, high? No.
    But for those listening to the music, there might be great news for you. I suppose a AWD will join soon. I just want the car and it will not be for sale in Europe.
    I have to wait for illegal import so a can use the papers of approval for the EU. Maybe some buy in Zurich would like ons, that would be the dat.
    I think the Lyriq is hot, and I want her in RED! Nice joining this conversation, hope to meet the real enthousiats here.

    Hans Cadillac

    Hello Raymond, I’m very excited about the first ever Cadillac EV. I am so fond of her that I did save my money for a used upgraded V series blackwing. But, things change, than I found her, LYRIQ, and my wife is fond of her too!!!
    So, it is a kind of depressing that how hard i’m gone save money, but the car will not be for sale by the regular dealnetwork.

    I am not a rich man but Cadillac is all over the place. My last Cadillac was a 1955 Coupe de Ville Celebrity. I still have the library for the Club’s members, privite collection of books. So we are saving my Euro’s to see what happens next autumn, when she will appear in the showroom.
    Have a nice day,
    from The Netherlasnds


    The Lyriq look like a great car. The dealer has my deposit as soon as the AWD version is available. To much torque in electric for rear only. Exited for the AWD version release

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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