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XT5 hatch will not open with foot gesture

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    I have tried and tried to open the rear hatch on my XT5 by waving my foot under the left rear corner, but to no avail. Anyone else having this problem?

    Alex Luft

    Hi @Marland and welcome to the Cadillac Society forum.

    Have you checked the setting in your XT5 that liftgate mode is set to on?

    You can check this via a rotary setting on the bottom of the driver-side door. It has these 3 settings:
    – Max
    – 3/4
    – Off

    Let me know 🙂


    I drive a 2017 XT5 FWD Premium with 15K miles on the odometer. I have been noticing a distinct clunking sound (not the transmission) when, after initial acceleration, I let off the gas due to traffic conditions. I equate the noise to an auto with a bad universal joint. I have complained to my local dealer and got the rote answer of not being able to duplicate the problem. In fact, Cadillac has even issued a bulletin regarding the noise and calling it “normal”. Hardly what I would expect from a luxury automobile maker but I guess it is still a GM product with GM management. I have submitted this same question to Consumer Reports and they indicated they would look into it and possibly discuss the situation on their YouTube channel. I find it unfortunate that Cadillac won’t step up and resolve the issue…especially when they rank so low on the Consumer Reports reliability ratings.
    Anyone else having this problem?


    I just bought my 2019 XT5, I have tried also. I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong. I have to go back to the dealer for something else I’m going to have him show me and if it doesn’t work for him then they can fix it.


    I just bought a 2020 XT5 and I had the same issue when using my foot under the left corner of the bumper. Now I’m good at it because I found out the sensor is located almost directly underneath the second bumper sensor from the left. Stand directly behind the vehicle and you will see circles on your bumper. Don’t swipe foot from side to side. Just stick foot underneath the second circle and pull it back as if you are kicking a shin. I can do this consistently.


    Is the opening the hatch by the foot gesture standard equipment or is this an option? If it is standard, mine is not working as well.


    Well, the dealer finally showed me the ‘definitive’ way: stand at a 45 degree angle to the left rear of the car (where the left side and rear of the car intersect) and place your foot under the car, then withdraw it. In,out. That speed. Works every time (now, finally!) Hope it works for you too. Oh and of course, you must have The key fob on you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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