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Rattling sound from engine

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    I am getting consistent rattling noise from the engine when re-accelerating. Usually 1RPM. Any fix for this?


    Hello. Any updates on your question?
    I have a rattling noise as well when accelerating from a stop. Sounds like it’s coming from the catalytic converter.
    Brand new xt5 2020


    2020 CT4 and CT5 #PIP5760 Flutter type noise heard when vehicle is operating in AFM
    We have a CT 5 and ours makes a noise we have a paper from the dealership that says GM is aware of the noise and working toward a repair!
    We are very unhappy with this on our new Cadillac


    So, my take LSY engine goes into AFM (2 cyl mode) at low rpms below 1500 rpms. Almost sounds like loose rod bearing sound.
    Anyway, Try changing the drive mode. I only discovered this possible fix on the way home the other day.
    Use the switch on the console. Menu from the display is different. Switch it to sport mode.
    You might have to switch mode each time the car is started; like switching off AutoStop.
    I’m not in the car all the time so I don’t see it often.
    The REAL fix is for GM to keep AFM off below about 1500rpm


    Thanks for this info. I will try this temporary fix. I hope a permanent solution is in the works.


    I have a 2020 CT4 and I am also hearing the rattling noise when reaccelerating. I have taken it to the Cadillac service center, but they have no idea what it could be. Hoping for an update.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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