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Printed Owner Manual

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    Has anyone but me notice that Cadillac does not supply a printed Owner Manual with the car? In over 50 years of purchasing cars, this is the first time I have not received an owner manual.

    Owners who want a manual, must pay $55 to order a paper manual from Cadillac. A manual is available at no charge in pdf format. I think this is pretty shabby
    treatment from GM’s premier brand. Particularly, since it is referenced several times in the two printer manuals they do supply.


    While waiting for my original May 2022 order, I found the owner’s manual online. It was helpful to read the relevant parts over several times so when we got a car (one of a dealer’s lot) the “where is that control” issue was much less.

    An electronic manual made sense when the Lyriq was just released so small items could be updated easily. However, I have not seen any changes, so now I have come to believe that Cadillac is just being cheap.

    If I were to buy an GM car again, I would make the dealer throw in a paper manual to close the deal.


    I feel the same and I bought the Manual. GM thinks since you can look it up online thats all they need to do. A Printed manual is important when there is a problem on the road when a quick reference is needed.What have they done to a once great Amereican company?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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