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CT5-V Order and Allocation Process?

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    I got that order number list from a different Cadillac owner blog. I thought it might be helpful to some of the Metin this site. I ordered my CT5V Blackwing in October 21 and was told it would be a year. Sales rep sent me a note that my build week was May 23, 22 and the order number was 3000. I’m hoping to get it in June, but not holding my breath. I flew AF. B-52 then AA. Now retired


    I too have sinking feeling that if I’m going to be able to ever acquire one it will be buy search from blood sucking dealers looking too maximize profit.
    I put my name down on Cadillac site at end of Feb 2021, 9 months pass with not a clue as to what where or if I would be able to get one.
    Cadillac customer representative gave me a runaround stating that why wasn’t I in touch with my dealer about ordering.My dealer was completely clueless as to if they would even get an allocation. Complete frustration.
    Working with a new much bigger volume dealer but may be too little to late. By the way MSRP plus 5k

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    I will not pay above MSRP. Sewell Cadillac of Dallas does not charge above MSRP. Recommend you contact them. Might not help, but could not hurt.


    I’ve had this car on order for the last year and a half, 2021, 2022 and now hoping for a 2023, even though they did away with my favorite color option for 2023. I was told to order without the carbon fiber and it should be accepted…so even for 2023, I placed the new order 4 months ago with what the dealer said “all in stock parts”. Just got a new call from the dealer, now they are saying the semi aniline leather could be the hold up. I wish there was more communication between Cadillac and the dealers, explaining what the holdup is. I’m seeing the Blackwing 4’s with the carbon fiber so how was that the hold up? So frustrating!!!


    I’ve had my blackwing on order since February 1921. I have gone from being told that I was going to receive 2022 model now being told it’s going to be 2023. I have been given no production date. I was originally told that the 2022s going to be the last internal combustion engine model Cadillac was going to make. Based on the inconsistent flow of information coming from Cadillac, it seems they are going to continue to make internal combustion engines through at least 2024. I have been given absolutely no additional information about which model here I’m going to receive, as well as any indication as to when the car is going to be built. I’m starting to feel more like I should cancel this order. I don’t know if the car I will ultimately receive will have the same value that the car I ordered was supposed to have.


    You need to find a completely different dealer. I ordered my CT5-V BW back in October 2021 and received it in June 2022. The 2022 builds were all finished by July 2022. People who did not receive a 2022 were supposedly told to re-submit their build orders again for a 2023 model . Some 23’s have already begun arriving. Carbon Fiber packages was the biggest delay. Do you even have a 6 letter build # from the dealer. If not, you do not have an order placed with Cadillac.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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