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No dealer markup and Lyriq display screen

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    I took delivery of my 2023 Lyriq on Monday. The car came into the dealership last week, but I was told they could not release it for 5 days of quality assurance procedures…I had asked about dealership markup several times over the waiting period, and was assured that they simply didn’t do business that way…and they were right…not one cent of mark up over the window sticker MSRP….period…was never even discussed. In fact, I told the salesperson at Voss Valley Cadillac in Centerville, Ohio (near Dayton) that I could not pay the full MSRP because that would cause my late father to roll over in his grave…Tim and I agreed to pay MSRP, less $1.00…and the salesman absolutely kept his word. My $100 deposit was converted into wheel locks, and the sale sailed through without any problem. Now that I am cruising around Southern Ohio, I have discovered the plague of my fingerprint mess left on the dash screen. I would like some type of clear cover, but unsure what/where to get a screen protector. Any recommendation and solid vender experience.

    Brian Barnhart

    Congratulations! That’s very exciting. I know we’ll all be anxious to hear your impressions of the Lyriq, and since I have a 2024 order in process I’ll have to live vicariously through your experiences for a while yet. Regarding fingerprints, I have the same issue in my CT6 and keep a microfiber towel in the center console to wipe them off the screen. It works great for me. Best of luck to you, and please keep us updated. Thank you!


    We found a screen cover for the Lyriq on Amazon. It seems to be working well.


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am anxiously waiting for my 2024 LYRIQ Reservation to transition to an actual order. It’s exciting to hear that you have persevered through the entire process and you are actually behind the wheel of your LYRIQ. It is good to hear that the VOSS VILLAGE Cadillac dealership is not applying any markups on the LYRIQ. I have done business with them for 12 yrs and they have been truthful and transparent with all of their business. ENJOY YOUR NEW RIDE!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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