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Cadillac XT4 LPO Midnight sport package wheels

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    Joe Tschanz

    Can anyone shed light on this? When ordering the midnight package with the SHL 7 spoke wheels, will they be shipped loose, while the flower type RQA wheels are mounted on the car? GM’s work sheet indicated this wording: “When SHL is ordered, RQA will be included in the order. The RQA wheel is used as a transit wheel” My dealer does not seem to know but would be happy to sell me additional wheels for the winter tires, LOL. I am expecting the delivery for my factory order any day now and would like to get this clarified. If no one knows, who would I best direct this question to?

    Joe Tschanz

    I received the car and indeed, the transit wheels are the RQA, meaning there is a set of extra wheels included that then can be used with winter tires.

    So far I am very happy with the car.

    Alex Luft

    Hi Joe. Thanks for the question and sorry we didn’t get to it in time before you took delivery.

    Yup, the transit wheels are typically the “standard” / base wheels on Cadillac models.

    Glad you’re enjoying it and congrats on the XT4!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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